Wednesday, May 25, 2005

I've Got a New Computer!

Happy Dance!!! Happy Dance!!!

I'm the proud new owner of an HP Pavilion Pentium 4 computer! Now I have to make it work for me and that is taking a verrrrryyyy loooooonnng tiiiiime. Thom has fixed it so I can switch from the old computer to the new computer but I can't switch files between them unless I use CDs — kind of a short-range "sneaker net". Got the email working and favourites in my browser (both of which need a ton of organizing) and the next project is transferring over my working and information files. I'm going to lose a few programs too unless I can pay for new installations. The most notable of these is InDesign which I don't want to lose, but it's very expensive to replace. Meanwhile, while I decide what to do I can still access it on my old computer. (Can't print from there though.) This is such a three-dimensional process that it boggles my poor little two-dimensional mind!

Craft Report
I've been slowly working on the baby sweater while waiting for files to transfer etc. and I'm almost finished the back. I'm pretty sure now that I need another ball of the Lanett contrast yarn in pale yellow. Off to Birkeland Bros again! No wonder they love me so much there.

Other than that, I'm not getting anything done because I'm obsessed with whipping my new computer into shape. I have a few things to learn about Windows XP still. Good thing I've been using computers for almost 25 years or this would be even harder than it is. And I'm truly lucky to have Thom's help. Can't imagine what it would cost to hire a geek to help me over the bumps! I didn't know Thom was one when I married him 34 years ago. Well, maybe I did. I certainly knew he was the man for me anyway and I was right.

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