Saturday, December 10, 2016

Snow Day

It's been snowing on and off for several days now but we only have about 4"/10cm accumulation. The temperatures have gotten just a little too warm (as usual) and there are raindrops included in with the snowflakes. So typical for Vancouver! Oh well. We've learned to enjoy it for the fleeting time it's here before it gets all squishy and slushy and messy. For now it looks pretty and festive. I know those who live in colder climes are chuckling at me right now. You go right ahead. You're just envious of our balmy climate whilst trying not to freeze your nose off at -37C with the windchill factor. Hah. It's just one reason we are a very expensive city to live in (27th in the WORLD, people)! Too bad nobody here knows how to drive in this weather. I'm staying home.

So. I finished a project! Yay! This small zippered pouch:

I was practicing my boro stitching again with more of my copious collection of fabric scraps: mostly linen and a few bits of woven fabrics from the sadly long-defunct West Coast Woolen Mills (local textile lovers will remember them). The lining is a piece of cotton muslin that I painted years ago in one of our Spectrum get-togethers. The zipper is vintage and has been in the stash forever. Unseen layers are old sheeting, fusible web and nonwoven interfacing. Nice to use up some bits and bobs taking up space in the studio.

I'm pretty pleased with the boro stitching. It wasn't as easy as it could have been though because of the fusible web I used (Heat'n'Bond Lite). It's a little plasticky and hard to stitch through with a large hand needle. I used my thimble a lot! I'm definitely not so happy with the final construction. It's more wobbly and less professional than I would like. The many layers made the corners very bulky so they wouldn't turn out square. It's usable as is though so I'm not too grumpy about it. Obviously even more practice is needed.

I have an outfit photo for you from a couple of days ago. I'm currently wearing nearly the same thing except with a different sweater (Flaming Intersect) and different brown pants so you can probably imagine it! It's too dark for a good photo today.

  • Asymmetrical Ribbon Cardi, MM
  • Brown tunic with crossover front and hi-lo hem, MM (brushed cotton knit)
  • Same leggings as last time, SB
  • Socks, MM (pre-Ravelry)
  • Purple slippers, MM
  • Undies (bra and panties), MM

I kind of like how the asymmetries of the sweater and the tunic repeat each other. I think the outfit looks better with boot-cut pants instead of leggings though. The balance is more pleasing.

Moving right along. I'm on the home stretch on the Red Earth cardi. A few rows to go on the second sleeve and then I will use up the remaining yarn on the bottom hem to make this sweater as long as possible before I run out. I have reserved a wee ball though to use to crochet up the button bands to hopefully snug up their waviness and make them lie more evenly. It will be very nice to get this beast off the needles. It has been rather reluctant to be done!

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Another Twofer

I had a whole post ready to go but lost it when I went to post. Grrrr...

Try try again, right? Where was I? Oh yeah, I had an outfit photo yesterday but didn't get to post it.

Flower Basket scarf, MM
Chocolate Hepburn cardi, MM
Navy pointy tunic, MM (self-drafted, cotton knit)
Brown texture-blocked leggings, SB
Brown/navy/orange self-striping socks, MM (pre-Ravelry)
Black Birkies

Dressed for: Helping a friend finish her handwoven baby blanket. Sorry no photo but it turned out very nice!

It turned cold yesterday and actually snowed:

So pretty! It melted a little but now it's crispy-frozen. We went for a short walk to the nearest grocery for milk and decided that it's much too slippery out there! So many people didn't shovel their walk (probably waiting for it to melt as usual) and now it's really hard to walk on the side streets. Good thing we don't need to go anywhere for awhile because it's promising to stay cold and snow more on Thursday. Wow! Actual winter.

Today's outfit:

Icelandic Lace shawl, MM
Falklands Flare pullover, MM
Same navy tunic, leggings and socks as yesterday
Charcoal sleeveless tunic, MM (self-drafted, cotton/lycra knit)
Brown Blundstone boots
Not shown: fleece tights and warm undershirt

Dressed for: My colder-than-usual house

See? Even my bamboo is cold:

But it was sunny! Such a nice change from 2 months of rain.

Thursday, December 01, 2016

WWW-MMM and a New Month

Well, I skipped another day but I wore pretty much the same clothes as the day before. Here's yesterday's outfit:

You have seen nearly all of these garments before apart from:

  • Travelling shawl, MM
  • Mismatched wrist warmers, MM (samples from a spinning class!)

Dressed for: A walk in the rain to get my hair cut. Sorry you can't see the results yet but it was good to get my bangs out of my eyes.

I think I did fairly well in showing my outfits for the entire month of November. I'm not planning to stop altogether now but there will be less of these going forward. The clothes I choose to wear this time of year for warmth and comfort are not exactly fashion forward! You've already seen a large selection of them anyway and I will just be putting them on repeat/rearrange/repeat. However if I come up with something worth showing off I promise I will blog it. Assuming it's not so dark you can't see the details. We have had record rainfall this season so far and, along with the fact that it doesn't get really light out until about 8:30am and then starts to get dark again before 4pm, there's not a lot of opportunity for half-decent photos. And the situation is not going to improve until about February or March. Such is life in the rainforest. Why do you think all the important holidays happen this time of year? So we have an excuse to put up festive lights and bright decorations!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


I had a photo for you yesterday but didn't get a chance to post it so you get a bonus today. And yes, I do need a haircut. Tomorrow hopefully. Before I trip over it. My hair grows fast according to Pat, my long-time hairdresser. No kidding. It's also fine, thick, mostly straight and rather prone to wild tangles if I let it grow out. Neither clips nor pins nor elastics will stay in. At one point in my youth it was down my back nearly to my waist but wouldn't behave so it lived mostly in braids. Then I figured if I had to keep it in permanent bondage I might as well chop it off. Over time it got shorter and shorter until it was nearly a crewcut. That was sure easy to care for! Then I decided I was tired of the proportions (I have a small head) so I grew it out some. I'm very happy with the style I have now. However it still needs trimming every 5 weeks and I've put it off too long. It's nearly as long as it was when I got back from our cross-country trip! Time to lower my ears, as my old poppy would say.

Anyway here's yesterday's outfit where I'm covered in lots of wool:

  • Beaded beret, MM (handspun too, pre-Ravelry)
  • Grace's Frolic scarf, MM
  • Red-brown dress, MM (self-drafted, stretch knit)
  • Falklands Flare pullover sweater, MM (handspun too)
  • Brown twill jacket, MM (Katherine Tilton's B5891)
  • Happy Legs tights, MM
  • Pettipants, MM (a bifurcated slip!)
  • Self-striping socks, MM (pre-Ravelry)
  • Darkness gloves, MM (did I forget to put these in Ravelry?)
  • Red Blundstone boots

Dressed for: A walk downtown to see "Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them". Fantastic!

And here's today's outfit:

  • Woad Percy scarf, MM (dyed in my own woad)
  • Grey stretch bamboo t-shirt, MM (self-drafted)
  • Charcoal grey stretch cotton tunic, MM (self-drafted)
  • Black ruched capri pants, MM
  • Spring Sky socks, MM (dyed in my own indigo
  • Black Birkenstocks

Dressed for: Back to my friend's house to help thread her loom. Her house is very hot compared to mine!

Whew! That took some research. Gotta go have some lunch before I'm expected at my friend's house. Good thing she only lives a few blocks away.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Still With The WWW-MMM

I missed yesterday's outfit post because I was helping a buddy wind a warp and start to thread her loom. You didn't miss anything because, apart from the requisite raincoat and umbrella, I wore pretty much the same clothes as the day before. Today the sun was showing its face through the clouds and the locals were all out walking the kids and dogs, jogging and generally getting outside while the getting was good. You know, before the next batch of rain clouds moves in.

The outfit:

  • Blue batik vest, MM (Katherine Tilton's Butterick 5891)
  • Red-brown ponte dress, MM (self-drafted)
  • Black stretch knit "knickers" (as my friend called them), SB
  • Midnight On Catalina shawl, MM
  • Indigo overdyed knit socks, MM (pre-Ravelry)
  • Black Blundstone boots
  • Not shown: Issey Miyake jacket, beaded beret, fingerless mitts - all MM

Dressed for: A brisk walk and a bit of grocery shopping

Oh, and notice that I made sure you can see my new little camera remote. It works! Also, I need a haircut. Badly.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Finally A Finished Object

Lookit! I finished something! Yay! Pretty novel, huh? Meet Hermie:

I adore his eyestalks! And his claws. And his sweet whiskers. He is quite large too. You can judge the relative size by the fact that his shell alone is bigger than my fist. And if he was a real hermit crab he'd be looking for a new and larger shell very soon! I'm very happy with the results. Hansi Singh is an amazing designer but one needs to have quite an extensive skill set to make one of her "Hansigurumi" creatures. There is complex knitting, picking up stitches, stitch grafting, stuffing and assembly actions all going on - sometimes simultaneously. Not for the faint of heart for sure. But hey, I did it! Go me.

I want to complain that the title of Hansi's book from Interweave Press, "Amigurumi Knits: Patterns for 20 Cute Mini Knits", is very misleading. The patterns are not really cute (unless you have my sense of humour) and as written they are definitely not mini. The publishers obviously had their own notions. Hansi herself describes them as "peculiar" which is a perfect way to say they are more realistic than cartoonish. The yarn called for is worsted weight. You could of course use finer yarn and smaller needles for a smaller sized critter. But trust me, you might want to practise with the big stuff first! You also would have to find a smaller wire than chenille stems if you want to make the limbs posable. Though I think the giant size actually makes my hermit crab even more delightful. Can't miss him!

However, I missed yesterday's outfit post but it was a retread of the day before - minus the boots - so you didn't really miss anything. Here's today's:

  • Grey and black jumper, MM (self-drafted pattern, poly knit)
  • Oatmeal henley t-shirt, SB
  • Black knit ruffled capri pants, SB
  • Green striped knit socks, MM (pre-Ravelry)
  • Black Birkies

Dressed for: Teaching small kids to do spool-knitting. Only partially successful but fun!

In other news my camera remote finally showed up. Told you it was on the slow boat! And hello, it actually works. My photos may get more exciting. Or not. We'll find out soon enough, won't we?

Monday, November 21, 2016


Hello! Yup, I missed a couple of days. Saturday I was busy with family and Sunday it was so dark and rainy I couldn't be bothered trying to take a photo. Of anything. Today, however, is sunny! Yay. We had to get out for a walk and it was warm enough that I didn't need any extra layers over this:

  • Black Snake sweatshirt, MM (Katherine Tilton's B6101)
  • Olive green ribbed turtleneck, SB
  • Olive stretch pants, SB
  • Josef Siebel boots
  • Not shown: Undies (bra and panties), MM
  • Not shown: Green striped knit socks, MM (pre-Ravelry)
  • Shown but should NOT have been: the clothes hanger coming out of my head!

Dressed for: Shopping for bread at Cobs (their Cape Seed bread is totally yum!)

So. Nothing new to report. Still slowly plugging away on crab legs. Just some finishing up to do, a few eyestalks and whiskers and then I can assemble all the pieces. No more winding of blanket warps has occurred. A little further knitting on my Red Earth Candelia sweater. Not terrifically interesting at all. So I am now going to go move that hanger somewhere else before I forget it's there again.