Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Garden Star & Silly Goose

I promised a picture of the Garden Star. Of course you can't see the cool strobe effect in a stationary picture, can you? See how high my tomatoes are and it's only the end of June! Being in their "house" keeps them a bit warmer but the trade-off is a bit less light gets in. Here in the Vancouver Lower Mainland we have to keep our tomatoes under cover or risk losing them to late blight. They'll look wonderful with ripening fruit one minute and the next time you look the whole plant will be rotting before your eyes. Not a pretty sight. Speaking of not-pretty sights, my squashes in the bed next to the tomatoes are not looking too robust at the moment either. The problem is wire worms who have been nibbling on their roots. The cucumbers have the same thing — must be because they are in the same genus and wire worms find them all yummy. Thom has potato wedges (which the worms also find yummy) in each bed to trap the darn things. The numbers are thinning but so are my plants!

Notice my new goose in front of the tomato house. My Uncle Al made it for Mother and she gave it to me. It's made of a river stone with a drilled hole that fits over an iron peg in the rest of the body. Apparently he even did the welding on it. Too bad he's not in Mother's good books since he remarried and re-wrote his will with his new wife as his beneficiary instead of his kids. However, it is his to do with as he wants, even if Mother disagrees. Meanwhile the goose is protecting my garden from crows. Maybe.

No craft report today — I've been spending way too much time with the plants (and on the computer) instead.

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