Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Oh Phooey!

Just what is it about this yarn? Here I was merrily knitting away — while multitasking I have to admit: reading Yarn Harlot archives and ripping CDs at the same time. It was coming out OK considering I never had a pattern but was making it up as I went along. But then this morning in the bold light of day I finally saw The Mistake! It was on what I consider the back (both front and back are the same so it's kind of arbitrary) and there was a wobble in the increase line. And of course it wasn't just a few rows back but several inches. Pooh. A braver woman might have left it thinking that it took me this long to see it, how long would it take someone without my gimlet eye to notice? But I'm too much of a perfectionist (just enough to be dangerous actually) to let it go un-frogged. It's actually pretty obvious. Today. How come it wasn't obvious yesterday before I knit all those extra inches? Remember the rows get 4 stitches longer every other round.

After Frogging. Sniff!

OK, it's done now. That didn't hurt. Much. Kind of like pulling off a bandaid quickly...

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