Thursday, July 28, 2005

One Finished and Another Started

I finally finished the Hat that goes with the Toddler Poncho. I do think it turned out rather well. Now it remains to be seen whether my granddaughter will wear it! She has her own ideas about these things. It didn't look very interesting flat, after all it's only a rectangular pocket. So lacking a small person to try it on, I used one of my yarn cones from the studio for a "head." At least now you can see better how it's supposed to look.

Cute, huh? You'll have to go back in my blog to find the pieces of the pattern if you want to make one just like it.

So I think my 2 sets of 2mm Clover Takumi bamboo double pointed needles were feeling lonely after finishing my socks yesterday, so I started a pair of fingerless gloves from a free pattern by Marnie MacLean. These are her Hooray for Me Gloves and they use good old self-patterning sock yarn. I'm using my leftover Fortissima Colori Socka Color in the Veracruz colourway. I love it because it's warm beige, peach, watermelon, dusty mauve, and dark grey and white spots. More Bryce Canyon than Veracruz I think (though I've never been to Veracruz). I wear the socks that I made from this a lot so it would be nice to have matching gloves for when my hands get cold but I still want to have some dexterity.

Yeah, I know I should be finishing yet another of my UFO socks instead. I'll work on one of them in front of the TV for the next while. I mean, I can't have less than my usual large number of UFOs now can I? It would be so unlike me.

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