Monday, August 22, 2005


I was so tired last night that I fell into bed without feeding my poor cats or even remembering to put them downstairs to bed. Now that's tired! Luckily the cats can live on their leftover crunchie crumbs and their fat for one night. We spent most of yesterday scrubbing, filling, sanding, and priming the kitchen cupboards. It's amazing how long it takes to paint top, bottom, and sides of all the shelves! Only one coat so far — we don't even have the actual paint yet and the whole room needs at least 2 coats on top of the primer. This process seems to be going on at a snail's pace but there is slow progress. Today I scrubbed and spackled another section of wall and the back door. Hopefully when I get home from mom's care home this afternoon we can go get the paints mixed. I want to see colours! I want to finish one stinking wall! No pictures yet.

I have 45 minutes to re-paint the cupboards' front edges where the paint was stripped right down to bare wood. Then it's off to mom's for a rest: feeding her a snack and pushing her around in her monster wheelchair. Well it feels like a rest after all the painting.

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