Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Continuing Story

Yup, this is the kind of weather we had while we were in Oregon. Can you say "perfect" or pretty darn close to it. Of course what you can't see here is the wind that's so strong you can practically lean on it! It wasn't very cold, but it made my ears ache so I stuffed my old wool beret over my head. This is looking south from the top of Cape Blanco and it's always windy up there.

And this is our klutzy young eagle. He/she was being harassed by crows and tried to land on a branch right near our campsite. The bark slipped off and he crashed through the branches to the ground less than 20 feet from where we were sitting. When we went to investigate he flew to another tree further away where he sat for about 15 minutes regaining his composure — and allowing Thom to take several great pictures.

Did I get carried away with beads or what?

But aren't they beautiful? The vials of Japanese seed beads are from Beads & Beyond. They have a colour-arranged sectional bin of seed beads in various sizes that is just irresistable. As usual, I indulged in some of those lovely matte gilt-lined Matsunos which I adore. Plus I spent quite awhile counting and packaging tiny pressed glass leaves from their wall of little bins. Oh happy times! Down the road a ways, the new improved and even more humungous Shipwreck was just too much for me. While trying to be somewhat reasonable, I started coveting pressed glass leaves in large bags and when I went to pay they insisted that to get the best price, I needed even more of them! Yikes! I now have a lifetime supply for several beaders. Greedy ones even. They had so many pretty beads, what can I say? I also got a number of large hanks of 6º and 8º seed beads for knitting with. And some unakite carved leaves (another item that I had to get 2 strands, darn) and a big huge bag of Indian pressed glass beads (only $14.35!) which are great for classes and embellishing. Not in the picture are several cones of nylon cord, fine and heavy, and 2 cones of Gudebrod silk that I got at Wynwoods Gallery for macrame, knitting, and crochet. Gotta get 'em when I see 'em, ya know! Now I need to come up with a project that uses several thousand leaves...

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