Friday, December 23, 2005

The Day Before The Day Before

We don't need stuff. We need ideas and energy and subjects and motivation and time and lots of other things that can't be bought and are not sold at Wal-Mart. Happiness is not under the Christmas tree but somewhere in the air above it. It doesn't stick to traditional dates or statutory holidays. It can sometimes be found on the most ordinary of Thursdays. Sometimes it just blows in like a swallow in December. Sometimes when you want it most you can't have it. And sometimes you're up to your elbows. That's why we don't need regular stuff. We're into bigger stuff. And if we need tools or paint or clay or something we just go out and buy it anyway.

Quote from Robert Genn, Twice-Weekly Letter
Used with permission.

Or instead of paint and clay how about yarn, or fibres, or needles, or beads, or…

Yes, we’re heading into the home stretch and I’ve got a migraine today. Phooey. I don’t remember overdoing the Christmas spirits last night. Hmm…maybe that’s a bad sign? I did stay up until after 11pm which is like 2 hours past my usual bedtime. And I got up before 7 this morning, which is a little later than usual but not much. Whatever, I don’t deserve a headache anyway. Especially when I’m running out of Advils. I’m not going near a drugstore today with all the last-minute shoppers. No way. I’m baking shortbread.

We did have a lovely time (though late!) at DD & C&C’s new townhouse last night. It was a special little dinner with my kids and served to remind me how much I love them and how wonderful our expanding immediate family is. Guess we did something right, eh? Seems like most people have a hard time finding the right spouse, having kids, bringing them up, and having everything go on “happily ever after”. Somehow I lucked out and, although not perfect of course, those things all worked out pretty well. I’m grateful, truly.

So today I have progress on the kitchen front. See, I have a countertop!

And check out the elegant turned oak legs on the right there!

I’ve already used it to hold the Mixmaster when making the brownies for yesterday’s dessert. It’s not quite finished yet, needing a little bit of sanding to fit absolutely snugly on the uneven wall and then having some calking applied to prevent spills from seeping down the edge into the cupboards on the left. It’s so much nicer than the old “temporary” counter that was there for about 25 years. I’m very happy with it. Guess I do get something good for Christmas. Bring on the turkey!

P.S. Yes, Melanie, The Ninja did have lovely curly hair when he was little. Now he keeps it very short but if he didn't it would be (as he terms it) a 'fro! Just like the one his dear old dad used to have before it went gray and oddly much less curly. Meanwhile DD and I face the world with straight hair. We cope.

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Anonymous said...

Nice counter! The kitchen looks great....all that hard work paid off. Somehow the rewards are so much sweeter when you earn them?!

I just cooked a big turkey dinner and resting while my DD and Hub clean up .....I could get used to this ( walking away from the mess! :)