Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A New Day

The Ninja liked his silly card from me. He also got a big jar of veggie bacon bits and a gift certificate for Mark’s Work Wearhouse from his sister and her SO, a pomelo fruit and a promise of a painting of his late lamented bearded dragon lizard from his MIL, and a really funny card from his Nana (T-Man’s mom). We discussed what he would like me to make him and he actually does want socks. But socks with a separate big toe like the ones he wears with his ninja gi. And they don’t necessarily have to be black but not too flashy. Good thing I asked, eh? I would’ve never thought of that. Notice what odd presents we give as a family?

I was playing on the computer with this picture of my granddaughter, Sprout. I think it’s really cool, don’t you? I might even print out a big one to frame. Interestingly, there was some rumour that perhaps it might be time to consider a sibling for the Sprout. I’m waiting as patiently as I can! And I didn’t even hint — because I promised I would keep my mouth shut and not bug my kids to reproduce. But I’m excited! I can’t help it. Grandchildren are even better than having your own kids. You get to play and then give them back.

Welcome to my new readers led here by the VGFA Newsletter! (Hi, Rosemary!) Don’t be afraid to leave a comment, but realize that I can’t reply to you directly that way. The comments are anonymous. You can always send me email at my regular address which you should have in your guild membership file. I don’t like to post my email address on the blog for spammers to find.

Off to find out how to make a split toe in a sock…

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