Wednesday, January 11, 2006


This is defined by knitters (and others) as having a problem deciding which project to start next. Definitely not a problem with me! I always have so many things going the problem that I have is finishing all of them. I’ve even resigned myself to the fact that some things just never get finished. On the other hand, my track record isn’t too bad. Unless something goes really wrong, it usually gets done eventually. (My long list of UFOs notwithstanding.) Anyway, today I finished one thing, the baby hat for my nephew’s new little girl, and then started the poncho that goes with it. I had fun crocheting the corkscrew trim for the hat. It went much faster than the knitted ones I’ve made before and they look almost the same. Since the hat is drying after it’s completion bath, here’s the trim before it was applied. It looks even better on the hat.

And here’s the beginning of the poncho. It would be longer but I frogged the one I started using the lighter lilac that I used for the corkscrews as well as a double centred increase that I found from Kim Salazar. Turns out that the increase is fine for some uses, but it looks terrible on garter stitch and worked in the round. Since the increases on this poncho are obvious, they call for a more decorative approach. I went back to my original plan of lifted right and lifted left increases and the darker purple yarn. Looks good on both garter and plain knitting. You can see the Swallow casein needles that I mentioned yesterday in this picture too. I’ll use them until the poncho gets too big to fit and then move to a circular. I also think that I might just crochet the edging on this one instead of knitting it on like I did for Granddaughter’s birthday poncho. I like the combo of knitting and crochet and it’s a lot faster.

The other day when I finished the Crazy Color socks, I started these ones immediately.

I like the colours in this one: stripes of burgundy, brown, and greyed blue with short stripes of grey and white spots. I was getting tired of the Confetti yarns that are mostly grey and white spots with really thin colour stripes. Guess I prefer dark socks to lighter ones. Well you could tell that just by looking in my sock drawer — most of my purchased socks are black! These will be my Mindless Knitting Project du jour. Notice how when I finish something I immediately start something else? That’s why the UFO list is so long. The numbers continue to stay the same no matter how many things I complete. Sigh.

The dizziness is subsiding somewhat, though I also have a migraine today which makes it hard to tell for sure how much. If I do have whatever bug DD had awhile back (as she suggested in yesterday’s comments), the two doctors she saw in Emergency didn’t recommend anything except Gravol for nausea and just waiting for it to go away. It isn’t bad enough for the Gravol or I have more tolerance for “whirling” than she does, the latter of which is probably the case. She’s more like her dad that way. Merry-go-rounds are not his favourite thing whereas I used to love going round and round as a kid. Anyway, I’m pretty sure those ER docs know as much as my doc does, so I won’t bother wobbling my way to his office just to hear again that I should wait until it goes away by itself. On the other hand, if it gets worse or doesn’t disappear in a reasonable amount of time, I’ll be sure to make an appointment. Meanwhile, I have a lunch date with DD on Friday that I don’t want to miss, plus a meeting of my dye/surface design study group on Saturday and a Dye Day here on Sunday. Lots to do before then.


Aleira said...

Actually, I wasn't feeling all that nauseous (unless they tipped my head backwards below my body)... I thought they recommended the gravol because it had something in it that helped with the dizzyness part...

{shrug} it went away, but it took a month... =) and glad to hear we're still on for lunch... I'm looking forward to eating sushi with you. =)

Darling Daughter =)

Angela said...

Louisa - is dye day full on Sunday? I have a friend who may be interested, she's been wishing for a Sunday class.

Louisa said...

There's one space left if she can make it. Contact me directly if you didn't get my email.