Friday, January 27, 2006

This 'n' That

So what do you give a rather wacky auntie who’s turning 90? This is a lady who wears leopard print sunglasses and white rubber cowboy boots and listens to the Rolling Stones. She lived in LA for 35 years so that might explain it. Somewhat. As far as I can tell she’s always been eccentric. She’s had 3 husbands (not at the same time, but all when she was very young) and no children but lots of pets. Anyway I decided that I’ll give her my experiment in Russian netting stitch — this necklace:

I once repaired a beaded ring for her, so hopefully she’ll like this piece. If not, I won’t be hurt. Shhh…don’t tell her, but the silver-lined beads were originally gold, but the gold came off! Also the necklace needed a bath in soapy water because I haven’t worn it in some time. It still looks ok but not what I started with. I have to repair one spot where the thread is coming loose. Then I can wrap it up for Auntie’s party tomorrow. In case you’re wondering, she’s T-Man’s aunt, not mine. I have enough strange relatives of my own.

Next I want to show a skein I finished yesterday from some very ancient (we’re talking 16 years at least) singles yarns that I suddenly discovered worked well together. I was demonstrating plying to my newbie spinners and just grabbed this combination: two plies of a blend of reds/rusts/golds and one of bright purple. Separately they were boring but together they have zing! I plied up the rest of what I had at home for one good-sized skein. No idea what I’ll use it for but that’s ok. The wool is mostly none-too-soft adult Romney so it’s not next to the skin stuff. It wears well though.

Did I tell you about the funniest craft book I’ve seen in a long time (maybe forever)? No? It’s called “Stupid Sock Creatures” by John Murphy. I absolutely adore these creatures! I was trying to get a copy for myself, but the usual on-line shops have it unavailable. I’m still hoping that my friend’s daughter (who gave her the copy that I’m borrowing) will be able to find me one in Montreal where she found the first one. If not I’ll have to wait until it gets republished. I did contact the voluble Murph and he’s pretty sure it’s not out of print. It’s only been out since last June and it seems very popular. Here’s the cover:

See what I mean? They’re funny, cute, and weird all at the same time. Check out the website for more pictures of his sock creatures. Each one has a name all its own and no two are exactly alike. I’m gonna make me one. Or more. I love them. There's got to be some single socks around here somewhere.

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