Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Flaps Hat Finished

Well that was fast! I knew crochet was faster than knitting especially for me, but this worked up very quickly. It’s nice and warm and I’m really happy with this hat. No more labyrinthitis now!

Flaps Hat

Started: January 31, 2006
Finished: February 1, 2006
Yarn: handspun 2-ply sport-weight from Aurelia rovings, one ply each of Boysenberry Glitter and Tamarillo, used double throughout.
Crochet hook: Susan Bates aluminum size K – 10.5, Clover size F – 4 mm.
Pattern: “Fun Loving Flaps Cap” by Alexandra Lockhart from Crochet Fantasy, Winter 2005 issue.

Comments: The yarn was a bit thinner than that called for so I added a stitch at the very beginning of the pattern, which automatically added another one somewhere in the succeeding rows of increases. I started this hat three times because it looked funny the first time, then I added too many extra stitches and it still didn’t look right. The last time worked fine though I’m not totally sure what I did! It also took another round before the cap was the recommended 8” from the beginning. The only difference with the flaps was that instead of 6 stitches between flaps there are 7 and it’s quite tight enough that way. Instead of pom-poms I added crocheted balls stuffed with brown wool. It’s lovely and warm on my ears! Yes, the point at the top is deliberate.

Ball Pattern:
Use smaller hook and doubled yarn.
Round 1 – Using the slip knot method, ch 1 and 4 scs in round. Sl st into top of ch. Pull round tight. 5 sts.
Round 2 – Ch 1, 2 scs in each st around. Sl st into ch. 10 sts.
Round 3 – Ch 1, [1 sc in first st, 2 sc in next st] rep around. Sl st into ch. 15 sts.
Round 4 & 5 – Ch 1, 1 sc in each st around. Sl st into ch. 15 sts.
Round 6 – Ch 1, [1 sc in first st, dec sc in next 2 st] rep around. Sl st into ch. 10 sts.
Stuff ball very tightly with teased wool or stuffing.
Round 7 – Ch 1, dec sc in each st around. Sl st into ch. 5 sts.
End off yarn. Thread on yarn needle and draw up last 5 sts. Stitch to tie securely. Bury ends.

Next, I’ve started on the ruffled scarf that’s going to be the last item with this yarn. They’ll all go together but they don’t really have any common theme except the yarn itself: fingerless mitts (knitted in lace and ribbing), hat (crocheted in mostly hdc stitches with doubled yarn), and scarf (will be crocheted mostly in dc with just one yarn). It might take me another couple of days to finish the scarf since there’s a lot more crocheting involved than there was with the hat.

I have to mention the interesting event I saw today while walking home from the grocery store. I watched a flock of English starlings land on a lawn in front of a house and they started pecking at the bugs in the grass. Suddenly they scattered in alarm and I looked up in time to see a Cooper’s hawk fly through the midst of them and continue on to a tree branch further down the block. Needless to say, the birds all took off in the opposite direction! You don’t see that many hawks in the city, but I’ve seen this one (or one just like it) before when it sat on my back fence for half an hour one winter day a few years ago. Waiting for an unsuspecting bird to come close enough while it’s being distracted at my bird feeder. I often wonder how many people miss the wonderful nature moments that happen all the time, even in the city. You’ve just gotta pay attention.

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