Wednesday, February 08, 2006

On A Roll

I was so pleased with how much rug hooking I got done yesterday that I did a bit more today. I’m trying not to overdo it or I will pay later when I’m trying to sleep with the aches and pains. My loyal reader and dear pal Melanie, has left me some ideas for how to hang this rug when it’s done in my comments:

You can run dowelling through binding twill at the back and either hang it like a picture or have wall brackets and hang it like a curtain with finials on the ends of the dowel.

I like the second option. That might work ok. We’ll discuss it more when the time comes. Also Mel mentioned about using a pencil-type hook. No can do, hon’! I love my big ol’ primitive hook. (It’s a Hartman for those who care about such things.) It fits in my hand comfortably and makes the hole nice and big for my loops. Remember, I’m using an 8-cut (which is 1/4” to those who don’t speak hooker-ese). Not skinny little 3 or 4-cuts. Ya need some power to get these suckers through the linen backing! However, apart from needing a little neck massage, I’m not in too bad shape today considering I did about 3 hours of hooking yesterday. It’ll be less than that today though! Sorry no pictures yet.

The sun is out and it’s windy. Feeling definitely spring-like out there. So I cleaned my oven! Maybe I’ll go for a walk when T-Man gets home. Who knows when the sun will shine again?

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