Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Ruffly Scarf

Well here’s the finished item. Finally managed to get a picture even though we still needed the flash outdoors! Pay no attention to that double chin, eh? At least it’s not a triple chin, like it used to be before I lost some weight.

Ruffly Scarf

Started: February 1, 2006
Finished: February 3, 2006
Yarn: handspun 2-ply sport-weight from Aurelia rovings, one ply each of Boysenberry Glitter and Tamarillo. Took almost one full Louet bobbin.
Crochet hook: Clover size F – 4 mm.
Pattern: “Ruffle Scarf” free on-line pattern from Caron

Revised Pattern:
Ch 220.
Row 1 – Turn, ch 1. Sc in each ch across.
Row 2 – Turn, ch 2. 2 dc in each sc across.
Row 3 – Turn, ch 2. [2 dc in next dc, 1 dc in next dc.] Repeat across.
Row 4 – Turn, ch 2. [2 dc in next 2 dc’s, 1 dc in next dc.] Repeat across.
Row 5 – Turn, ch 2. Repeat row 4.
Row 6 – Turn, ch 2. Repeat row 3.
End off yarn. Bury ends.

Comments: This scarf went pretty quickly even though each row got longer and longer. Because my handspun was significantly finer than the called for yarn, I more than doubled the length of the initial chain. I also used a finer but probably heavier by weight yarn. (Handspun is often more dense than commercial yarn.) I added an extra row to make it wide enough. I love the effect of the curly ruffles. Now I have a set that looks great with my burgundy fleece jacket.

I have discovered that although I hold my yarn the same way for both knitting and crochet, crochet uses different muscles. My shoulders are feeling the effects of this last week’s marathon sessions with a hook. I’m going back to knitting socks for a bit. Just for the rest and the chance to catch up on my blog reading. I still want to make some felted crochet balls for The Sprout. But I need a break first.

Well, it seems as if the podcasters do have some little electronic birdie that tells them when somebody mentions them! This time I got a comment from DG, highly polished and competent hostess of CraftyPod. Hi, hon’! I haven’t had a chance to listen to more of your episodes, but I will very soon. Even if I’m not much interested in decoupage you did a great job of describing how to do it. Most impressive. Can’t wait to see what else you’ve got to talk about.

So I can see that big light in the sky is turned on today. We’re off to go for a walk on the north shore seawall and then to a gallery to see an exhibit of rug hooking — plus my favourite tea company is offering the liquid refreshments! More later.

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