Monday, February 27, 2006

Where Does The Time Go?

I haven’t had a chance to take pictures of either my Dreams rug in place at the head of my bed or my persimmon paintings on the kitchen wall. So I apologise in advance for the lack of photos in this post. I had good intentions but they were keeping me from blogging!

Let’s see — what’s been happening in Damselfly’s Pond? We had a fun Dye Day on Saturday with 5 intrepid newbie spinners. We painted both white and grey yarns and rovings in brilliant colours. I demonstrated overdyeing with some brightly variegated sock yarn that I had several small balls left over from another project. (Remember the toddler hat and poncho set?) It’s nicely “fall” coloured now and will make nice socks combined with another plain colour. There was a little kafuffle when some people couldn’t remember which rovings were theirs but all was sorted to everyone’s satisfaction. I really enjoy these classes but I was pretty tired on Sunday.

I might have been tired Sunday but we still went on a little walk and T-Man bought me a new SD card for my Palm. Oh yeah — Geek Alert! To explain, an SD card is a teeny little memory card that is used in a number of different devices such as some cameras and PDAs. I already had one for my old Palm but it was a very low capacity and wouldn’t hold much. The new one holds a gigabyte of data so now I can fill it with music and podcasts, plug in my earphones and use my Palm like an MP3 player. So cool! No, I do not have an iPod and although it can’t hold as many sound files, my T/X is actually much more versatile. Even though I try, ya just can’t have everything, eh? I did my 20 minutes on the elliptical trainer this morning while listening to Marie Irshad and all my favourite podcasters celebrate KnitCast’s first birthday. Now that was a geekfest for sure! They discussed podcasting equipment and software and how each person had gotten inspired into creating their first podcasts. Even though I have no desire to emulate them, I was intrigued by the dedication they show to continue doing this on their own time and often without any financial compensation. Just their own impetus and the appreciation of their growing number of listeners. As I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, I really enjoy listening to podcasts because they are so personal and the enthusiasm comes through loud and clear. And it really doesn’t take all that much experience or equipment to do it so the door is open for just about anybody who wants to participate.

Today I was finally working on beading my poor nekkid mermaid doll. I have to post an in-progress photo on the Yahoogroup (and here as well) by Wednesday so I was hoping to get at least some embellishment on her. I'm not planning to cover her completely so it shouldn't take forever to complete. Her fabric is hand dyed and looks good on its own. So far she has a seaweedy hip belt and a few tail scales. More to come.

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