Thursday, March 09, 2006

It's Winter Again

Exciting storm we had last night! I actually waited up until the T-Man got home from his night school class because I was concerned about the road conditions. It was really windy and snowing/sleeting. I spent about 20 minutes watching the snow in the light of the streetlamp fall up and sideways and swirly and fast and slow alternately. It was fascinating! Right now we have a wee bit of snow falling but not much more on the ground than in the photo from yesterday. There’s trees and branches down in some areas of the city but no damage around here. It’s still “unsettled” though so who knows what will happen later today.

Rant Alert!
I was reading various blogs last night and came upon a crocheter who was complaining that she had been treated badly at several LYS when they found out that she crocheted instead of knit. I don’t get it. Yummy yarns and large stashes are important to both crafts. One craft isn’t more or less “proper” than the other. Many people even do both, like me. So what’s the problem? Where did this snotty attitude towards crochet come from? I’ve never experienced anything like it myself. If I did, the perpetrator would certainly get an earful from me!

Are there any particular crafts that you look down your nose at? Somebody mentioned scrapbooking as one of those. And I’ve heard/read disparaging comments about tole painting and decoupage. How about crocheted toilet paper roll covers? That’s even looked down upon by some crochet folks! Glue guns, googly eyes, pom-poms, glitter, and pipe cleaners? Where does your “craft tolerance” end? Or does it really matter if people are enjoying putting things together and creating works that please themselves alone? We can’t all be Kaffe Fassett or Pablo Picasso or even Martha Stewart (though she has a herd of peons who assist her). Why not encourage people to create, learn more, improve, be inspired, and enjoy whatever floats their boat? Think positive rather than negative. Be open-minded and accepting. Even if it’s not your cup of tea, at least they’re making something and discovering the joys of creating. That’s essential. Those I worry about are the ones who don’t make anything at all.
End of Rant.

Check out this gorgeous ball of sock yarn I got at my LYS. Isn’t it fun? Each strand of the 4 plies variegates differently and they’re my favourite fall colours. This is a 100g ball which will make a pair (for me anyway) but if I want to do my usual knitting on both socks alternately, I’m going to have to wind half of it off into a second ball. No idea if I can match them yet either, but I don’t really mind if they’re different. As long as they’re very different instead of just a little bit different. Shall I try a pattern stitch instead of my usual plain knit? Wait a minute! I’m not allowed to start another pair until I’ve finished both the Tabi Socks and the Jaywalker Socks. So there.

Speaking of socks, I’ve just been asked to do a half-hour talk at Fibrefest on both days. I decided to discuss all the different ways to knit socks, but since I only knit them one way most of the time, I’m not going to have that many examples to show. But I can print out some pictures and point out the differences. Also I can discuss the various sock yarns and about spinning good yarns for socks. It’s a big and complex subject that should keep me yapping for the whole time without any problem.


Anonymous said...

I went to a local 'craft' sale this past Xmas and was dismayed to find crocheted and knitted Barbie doll stuff and wrapped clothes hangers...glue gun wreaths with gobs of glue that wasn't cleaned up and gold spray painted styrofoam balls. These people had worked hard on this stuff...but that amount of effort could have easily gone into something of more significance. If Granny can knit those tiny clothes, then she can do a real size sweater!

For the most part, I accept all forms of 'craftiness' but I'm picky about the company I keep when my weaving is up for sale. If I can't team up with someone of similar talents, then I wait till I have enough to 'go it alone'.

I consider myself 'diversified' as I weave, spin, crochet, do needlepoint/ hardanger, bead, make lace, dye and do basic knitting ( and I mean basic!) I'l ready to try anything and if it works with my other activities, so much the better! ( such as weave my own linens and add my own lace trims etc)

I love the colour of that new ball of wool for sox Damselfly! Do you do commission orders???? :)

Hugs, Susan

CraftyPerson said...

I've found that if you start each sock from opposite ends of the ball (one from the inside - one from the outside) they seem to match up almost perfectly. It's worth a try.
I actually prefer it if they are slightly different. Take a look at my blog to see an almost opposite pair.

Angela said...

Louisa, I can drop off a pair of toe-up, short-row heel socks at Cara's for you if you want them for your demo.