Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Sinking Feeling

At almost 1am this morning, this ferry hit a rock and sank off Gil Island on its long run from Prince Rupert to Port Hardy on Vancouver Island. I’ve been on the Queen of the North a couple of times. Now it’s causing a nasty oil slick. Luckily all the passengers and crew got off safely. My sister, who lives in Haida Gwaii (aka the Queen Charlotte Islands) and her family and neighbours are now without a ferry since this one was serving both the Inside Passage and the QCI. The one other ferry which can handle the nasty Hecate Strait is the Queen of Prince Rupert, but she was in for routine repairs. They have to get her up and running asap because a lot of the North Coast depends on the ferry for transportation and food, among other things. This is the first BC Ferry ever to sink. Sad really. We don’t have any replacements in the pipeline either. This should speed things up though but it's going to cost bigtime.

I’ve finally finished the Ninja Socks! Yay! They were a major pain in the patootie I’ll tell you. I frogged one big toe about 4 times. I think I’ve got it now, if I can write it up so I don’t forget what I did. Hope he doesn’t want another pair any time soon. I’m tired of honking big socks with weird toes. Photo later when they’re blocked and dry.

I never got any further with the cherry blossom braid (Kosakura Genji Gumi) so it’s still unchopped up and waiting for me to design a Spring card to put it on. I’m so uninspired. Must be the rain we’ve had the last couple of days. Speaking of rain, I spent hours today working in what my daughter lovingly calls my “grow-op”. I transplanted a bunch of little seedlings into bigger quarters and then I put them outside in the cold frame. With a heating pad. I’m hoping I’m not being too mean to them since I didn’t give them a chance to acclimate themselves to the cold first. There’s just no room for them all under the lights. I’m trying to resist running out in the dark and the rain to rescue them into the house for the night. Is it too late?

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