Monday, April 03, 2006

I'm Baaack...

I worked really hard but had a great time at Fibrefest. There seemed like there were lots of people and plenty to do and see and buy. I amazed myself and didn’t buy any books but I did get a few other goodies which I will photograph when I have enough energy to find the camera. The T-Man spent a lot of time in Birkeland Bros booth and learned how to weave on the Knitter’s Loom. Even our Darling Daughter got into the act and was teaching her friend how to spin. DD also won a door prize but it was a CD of patterns for an embroidery machine which she doesn’t have. I managed to talk the donor into swapping for something she could use so she ended up with some iron-on Swarovski crystals and was much happier. From my point of view it was very successful this year and I’m already looking forward to next time.

I didn’t get a chance to see the fashion show, but rumour has it that there were mostly felted and woven garments and some surface design but there could have been a lot more knitting. I entered the Ninja Socks in the sock competition just for the novelty factor knowing some other lovely pair of socks would win instead. My first sock knitting demo inadvertently followed Lynne from Knitopia who was demonstrating knitting socks toe-up on two circular needles. She covered a lot of information (even though her approach is the total opposite of mine!) so only a few stayed for the beginning of my demo and then left. After sitting there by myself for awhile two interested ladies showed up so they got the royal treatment. My second demo on Saturday went better and I had a nice crowd including DD and her friend. Of course I missed some info and repeated others but just winging it isn’t all that easy even if you know the subject really well. Hope I didn’t steer anybody wrong anywhere!

This is short (again!) because I’m just waiting for The Ninja to bring his lovely wife and The Sprout over for a visit. He gets to keep his socks now that I’ve finished showing them off. Hope he doesn’t want another pair right away!

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