Saturday, November 11, 2006

Lazing Around

What a relaxing Saturday! We stayed in bed until after noon and read, eating flax crepes (that I made) for breakfast and ham sandwiches (that T made) for lunch. Finally got up and did a few things like: he finally got the wiring finished for his lathe and I vacuumed the basement. Fun stuff! OK, stuff one has to get around to occasionally. Then late this afternoon there was this:

A rainbow. Isn’t it beautiful? This is looking east. I love my neighbour-across-the-street’s sour cherry tree in full golden glory too. She didn’t know the rainbow was there because I saw her wondering what I was up to with the camera in my studio window! When I went downstairs to tell T-Man (who was of course working on his new lathe) it had disappeared. Ephemeral beauty. Plant it in your memory while you can, yeah? Or take a picture if you want it to last!

I spent the afternoon making swatches with my handspun yarn. Some was new (virgin!) and some was recycled and redyed. I want to make a cardigan sweater that combines crochet and knitting, since I love both techniques. I used 3 colours of handspun, one the colour of grasses in early autumn (gold/reddish), one that combines a black strand with a fall leaf-coloured strand (gold/red/orange) and my main colour dark rusty-red which I recycled from a bright red oversized sweater vest and overdyed to tone it down. I played with a “granny” square until I got the right size using the book “200 Crochet Blocks for blankets, throws, and afghans” by Jan Eaton, pattern #73 Catherine Wheel. I stopped after the third round and added another 2 rows of my own devising. I’m learning how to depict the pattern in symbols using these. I’ll post it here when I’ve got it perfected. Meanwhile I’m still swatching. I think I’ve figured out how to attach my knitting to my crochet. Yay! Only 11 more granny squares to go for a total of 8 for the hem and 2 each for the cuffs on the ¾ sleeves.

Meanwhile I’m up to the heels on T’s Socka Socks. More later. It’s my bedtime. Yawn!

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