Monday, November 06, 2006

A Surprise!

I got a review of this here blog in the latest issue of Fiber Femmes! The article is here. Leslie said such nice things about me that I’m feeling all blushie and glowie indeed. How exciting! Damselfly is Delighted.

In other news, T-Man got his new lathe! Though he still has to finish rewiring for 220 volts to plug it in. This hunka-hunka-metal is a vision of lovely whiteness just raring to be covered in shavings! He promises me some new tools and the clasp I want for my sweater, just as soon as he can get some juice to make it twirl. Of course, I’ll believe it when I see it. Bowls are his usual production and recently they’ve been getting rather artistic — as in non-functional. But that’s ok. I’ll just wave a sock on the needles (in his size) at him and hope for the best.

I taught a private spinning lesson today to a woman who couldn’t wait until my next set of beginner level classes in the new year. She’s hoping that the intermediate lessons will be a go in a couple of weeks so she wanted to at least be able to make yarn to justify taking the class. I would prefer she was a little more experienced but I’m not certain we’ll get enough people for the class to fly anyway. For her part, she was making continuous yarn in the first few minutes and now just needs lots of practice. That’s pretty good! And yes, I did charge her $25 per hour for 2 hours. Ya don’t think I want to do this very often, do you? I has to be at least somewhat worth my while. I can purchase at least one new book and a couple of balls of yarn with this anyhoo.

While I was keeping tabs on her spinning, I managed to finish grafting the toes on my adult-sized Ribby Socks. They are drying from their washing and blocking so there’s no photo yet. I want to get them on my feet because frankly they look totally anorexic by themselves. But they fit very well and are somewhat warmer than my usual plain knit socks. More later when they’re dry. I'll include the whole pattern and make link to it in the sidebar.

If they ever dry that is. We’ve been having record rainfall with wind and relative warmth — a weather pattern we call the Pineapple Express or the Hawaiian Punch. It stopped raining for the moment and I took this pic out my studio window. The clouds are changing by the minute and the sun just set. Purty. I want this to remind me what blue sky looks like when the rain sets back in.

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