Friday, January 12, 2007

Let There Be Light

I’ve discovered the drawback to having the sun come out — you can see the dirt that was hidden in the dark days! But I’m not complaining. Even if it is freezing. All the folks with SAD will be turning off their lamps for the real thing. Rumour has it that big light in the sky will be around for the next couple of days which means that the snow won’t be gone any time soon.

Well, I must have spurred things on when I mentioned a couple of posts ago that For The Love Of Yarn would be coming out with a new issue soon because it’s here. An issue with patterns for baby and including an article by a grandmother on knitting for the grandkids. How too late! I particularly like the kimono pattern but doubt that I’ll get around to making it for the latest one. Maybe next time (if there is a next time). Cute photos abound!

In other news, I’ve been swatching for Cosmic Pluto’s sweater from Knitty called Serrano. I can’t get gauge. (Ooh, never thought I’d be saying those words.) Of course I’m not using the called-for yarn. I’m trying to knit from the stash and this yarn is some ancient but lovely and expensive NZ merino 4-ply crepe spun, originally intended for machine knitting. I can get stitch gauge but not anywhere near row gauge which in this pattern is important. Trying again with larger needles, this time using one of my rare (total 4) Addi Turbo circs in 3.25mm. I don’t usually prefer Addis because to me they are too slippery and too blunt but in this case the bluntness helps me not to split this very splitty yarn. No idea if I’m getting closer to the right gauge yet. I’m going to wash and block the swatch before I judge. Then I'm going to try again by starting a sleeve.

I found a KAL for this sweater (last post some time last November) but it isn’t very helpful. A number of knitters had trouble with the pattern because it’s rather complex with lace and shaping happening at the same time. Not to mention hems and vented cuffs. Lots of action. Some complaints were made about the pattern not being clear enough but I think it’s mostly that the knitter’s skills aren’t equal to the “piquant” level. Or they didn’t read the directions and actually understand what they meant. Of course my own level of skill will tell when I get going on it myself. Assuming I can ever get gauge. Some pattern modification may be necessary in which case I’ll be really understanding it by then.

Gotta go muck out the basement dye studio area for tomorrow’s Spectrum dye session. Quick while there’s still enough light left to see the dirt.

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