Monday, January 29, 2007

More KV

Are you tired of this subject yet? Obviously I’m not! I figure you need to play and play some more with new software until it becomes comfortable and/or you’ve tested as many different aspects as you can. That’s the case with this program. And some things are starting to feel more “normal” now. Re-reading the manual after you’ve had some experience with the program is also a good idea. It clarifies things and reminds you of stuff you may have forgotten the first couple of times through. Yes, I actually read manuals. But you already knew I was a bit odd, didn’t you?

For starters, I finally understand what the Justification tools are for. Duh! Even though they look like the usual word processing tools for working with text, they are actually for working with the No Stitches. You can adjust them to the left, right or balanced as well as possible. That would have saved me from moving the stitches manually, if I’d have known what it meant.

I also found out from the manual that there’s a short-cut for switching between the Select and Paint modes by using the S key. Also some simple ways to fill in areas of stitches and hints for cutting and pasting — they were all in the manual but like I said, you can read the words but it all doesn’t become clear until you use it for awhile.

I’m feeling much happier about using this program now and I just joined the YahooGroup for it. It’s not a very talkative group which is good because I already have way too many things to read! It would be nice to ask questions of the developer and other users if I need to though. I’d like to keep informed of what’s coming up in version 2 which seems to be nearing beta.

In other news, Saturday’s prawns were fabulously delicious in garlic butter and some leftovers went in yesterdays paella. There are still a few left (out of nearly a kilo) and I think we already got our $20 worth! There aren’t any good fish markets in our neighbourhood anymore so Granville Island is where we must go more often. I loves me some seafood and there are several shops to choose from in the Public Market alone with others scattered around the island. You can even buy right off a fish boat in season. You get kind of spoiled living on the coast.

Yesterday it was cold and cloudy but not raining so we went out to Reifel Bird Sanctuary with the Ninja, our daughter-in-law, the grandkids and Nana to feed the ducks. The woman who took our entry fee thought it was cute that 4 generations of our family were there together. My little granddaughter was a little intimidated at first as she got mobbed by a flock of quacking, shoving mallards but she soon got into it and was happily chucking pellets and seed at them. Her daddy tried to show her how to get the chickadees to come down and take peanuts from her hand but a bunch of other people all showed up to watch and frightened the birds away. We finally found a quieter spot but by then she decided that it was more fun to eat the peanuts herself! (They were “human” quality, not animal feed.) She jumped when a chickadee finally landed on her hand with sharp claws so it flew away. Besides about 5 or 6 kinds of ducks and 2 kinds of chickadees, we saw snow geese, bald eagles, hawks, downy woodpeckers, coots, towhees, redwings, and herons. After having our thermoses of tea and coffee and Nana’s cookies in the warming hut, we all headed home after a enjoyable day out.

Next adventure: babysitting both grandkids this afternoon so their parents can go see a movie. Whew!
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