Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Another Reason For Me To Hide Under The Covers

As if yesterday wasn’t bad enough, today I had to go to the doctor because I have a freakin’ UTI! Apparently the flu and a migraine weren’t enough to remind me of my advancing age and impending mortality. If you haven’t ever had a urinary tract infection, consider yourself blessed. It’s not just uncomfortable but the sensations are so peculiar they are indescribable. Neither a thesaurus nor 2 dictionaries could come up with suitable adjectives that even come close. Let’s put it this way — I knew what it was the instant I got it. Again.

I packed up my Cherry Leaf shawl which is currently about the size (unstretched) of a scarf and found this great zipper bag to carry it in my backpack. (The Patch-Paper lunchbox is in use with the current socks and the Mystery Machine lunchbox takes up too much room in the pack.) It was formerly containing pillowcases. I love those bags that hold bed linens. I always find alternative uses for them. ‘Splain to me why they go that extra mile to package these particular items with a heavyweight plastic zippered pouch when everything else in the store is flimsily shrink-wrapped? Never mind. Just know that I never throw them out. See how well the shawl fits:

There was some time to knit while waiting for my doc even though his clinic is pretty efficient. Much more fun than reading dumb magazines anyway. The good side to visiting my doc is that he’s totally cute and very sweet and I love him to pieces. In a platonic sort of way of course. Too bad he always sees me at my worst! The best part of the visit was the nurse checked my urine sample and…I’m not pregnant! Hee-hee! So she had to go check it again (luckily I didn’t have to re-donate) and got the correct results the second time. So now I’m on some antibiotic which means I also need to take acidophilus or I’ll get a yeast infection to add to my woes. Sheesh. I feel like a Middle Eastern war zone. Can we negotiate armistice soon, please?

While my prescription was being made up, I went to the fruit & veggie market to get lots of fresh goodies. I filled up my backpack (now you know why the small bag for the shawl) and my cloth shopping bag for only twenty bucks. Why do people complain that yummy things like vine-ripened tomatoes, fresh spinach, huge globe grapes and red peppers are expensive? They’re cheaper than junk food and a lot better for you. Then I went to the health food store on the way home for my acidophilus (which they should sell in a cooler right next to the pharmacy counter) and organic cream. I splurged on some smoked sockeye salmon cream cheese too, because I need a little spoiling right about now, doncha think? That about filled up my bags and tested my ability to carry them the rest of the way home. That was the farthest I’ve walked since I got the flu 11 days ago. Nearly a mile each way and uphill on the way home.

Now I’m tuckered out and think I’ll spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing and reading. And maybe knitting. Congrats if you got this far. This post is kind of Too Much Information, isn’t it? Heh.


Anonymous said...

You really have been having a rough time of late haven't you? Sure hope you are feeling better soon. I can sympathize about UTI's. I had one every second week for a year in the run up to full menopause.

Yep, getting old is not for the faint of heart!

I recycle those zip bags from blankets etc as well and use them for my rovings and birds nests of prepared spinning fibre.

Did you know that ziploc has now made larger bags for storage options? Ideal for stash enthusiasts who may have that other deaded condition "SABLE syndrome"
Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy"...

I'd say I have that pox happily!

Yer bud in PR

Nadia said...

Looove that colour!

Ditto on the blanket bags. I hoard all kinds of plastics.

You deserve the tasty, healthy food in your weakened state.

Anonymous said...

Start drinking 100% cranberry juice & take some C every hour or so - both helps get rid of the UTI!! The acid creates unfavorable conditions for the bugs & they decrease quickly!! I've used this for my own UTI because I'm allergic to most antibiotics & have to save the one I CAN take for really really important things!!
Smoked Salmon creme cheese . . . Yummmmmmm! You deserve it!