Wednesday, March 21, 2007

As If

I’m carrying on today “as if” I felt absolutely healthy. I figure that way my old bod will follow along and BE healthy. The sore throat is somewhat better and I have a bit more energy so maybe it’s working. The fambly came over yesterday and I managed to survive the onslaught. Though my left arm and right lower back are feeling it today from lugging my almost-3-month-old grandson around for a number of hours. He’s a solid little sweetie with a very loud voice!

They came by to bring over the fabric for their medieval wedding garb. I started by measuring everyone up (except the baby) but then realized there was no way I could figure out layouts and dimensions with all the chatting and kafuffle with a baby and a two-year-old so I suggested we go play at the park instead. The sun was out but the wind was pretty cold. It was definitely more fun than sewing however. I’m going to finish washing and drying the rest of the fabrics and measure and cut out the pattern pieces at my leisure. (Heh!) I can get most of the under and over-tunics made up before they will need to be more closely fitted and marked for hemming. My DIL can finish sewing on the trims herself. It sounds like a lot of work but these are really very simple loose garments and shouldn’t take me long once I get going. I’m actually going to start on my own under-tunic first because I want to dye the fabric. And if I screw up (which I shouldn’t) it will be on my own fabric and not theirs. After I finish theirs and ours, I still have to help my mother-in-law with hers too! Whew! And only a month to go before my daughter’s wedding. I’m not panicked — yet.

There’s not much more of the Cherry Leaf Shawl’s edging done yet. With all the distractions I haven’t had much time to concentrate on it. There’s no deadline but of course that just makes me want to work on it even more! I also haven’t touched T-Man’s ribby socks either. They’re almost down to the heel flaps anyway. Not much else to talk about at the moment. T is off work today so we went out walking, bought groceries and had a sushi lunch. Back to what passes for normal around here tomorrow. As if.

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