Sunday, March 11, 2007

Yet Another Pair

Yes, the count is up to Number 51, the Ocean Socks for my teenaged niece. I think these turned out pretty though it does seem as if one is slightly bluer than the other. And it’s not just in the photo — it’s in real life too. Hmmm…though it’s not that obvious really. I’ll have to be a bit more careful when I dye two skeins together to get them both covered in the same amount of the same dye colours.

Ocean Socks

Begun: February 25, 2007
Completed: March 9, 2007

Yarn: 2 balls Sisu, 80% wool/20% nylon, 160 m = 50 g, yellow, dyed with Lanaset in blues/greens
Needles: 2mm Clover Takumi bamboo 5" dpns

Pattern: Damselfly’s Standard Plain Socks in my size on 64 sts.
Comments: Pretty but not flashy. My 16-year-old niece’s feet are currently the same size as mine and she asked very nicely for these when I gifted her mom with a pair. She asks; she gets. Besides, I can do these ones in my sleep!

In other crafty news, the new socks for T-Man lasted about 10 rows before I frogged it. 3/1 rib is not elastic enough and doesn’t really show up well in this yarn. Back to my Adult Ribby Socks pattern (see free pattern link in my sidebar) with a longer leg and foot. This pattern is quite stretchy so should fit him as well as it fits me. I guess that one extra purl stitch in the 3/2 rib makes a big difference in how the knit fabric behaves. It already looks a lot better than the first version. I’m currently halfway down the leg on both socks.

The Cherry Leaf shawl is coming along. Each row gets longer so it goes slower and slower. I guess I’ve knit about 1/3 of the total area, not including the edging. I’m still enjoying it but I need to watch what I’m doing even on the even purl rows. It’s too easy to miss putting the needle in the right place.

Currently the weather has been dumping rain for two days straight. We went out for a short drive yesterday to the magazine shop where I bought 5 new craft magazines. That tuckered me out completely — and to think we usually walk all the way there and back! Although I’m feeling somewhat better, this flu has really knocked me out and I don’t have anywhere near my usual energy level yet. At least now I have something fun to read while lazing around recuperating.


Nadia said...

Poor Louisa! Have fun convalescing!

We missed you today on the trip. Hopefully we'll see you when the stitch and bitch starts up!

Oh, and we were talking about maybe doing that fibre fest in Abbotsford in May.

Louisa said...

Whaaa...I missed a bunch of things with this flu bug! I'll definitely be at FibreFest. Looking forward to it.