Friday, April 06, 2007

Another Bad Friday

Well, it wasn’t a very good day for poor old JC, now was it? Heh. As for me, T-Man has to work today and I need to continue my sewing marathon. I’m trying to get as much done as possible as early as I can. Quick before I burn out or something.

Carrying on. My DIL’s undertunic now has a new added cuff with more silver and black trim and hopefully the sleeves will be long enough for her. It’s not hemmed yet because I want to see it on her first. It looks very nice though. See?

Too bad most of it gets covered up, eh? At least the cuffs will show. After that quick repair and instead of working on her overtunic, I got The Ninja’s overtunic done up to the hemming. I had exactly enough fabric to widen it to a more comfortable fit though it meant a lot more seams. The trim around the keyhole neckline was a PITA as I tried to fit straight trim around a curved neck. It’s a bit lumpy and not really up to my standards but it’ll have to do. I think I’ll just go ahead and hem the thing today since it’s not so critical as long as it’s comes somewhere around his knees. Longer is more elegant than shorter anyhow. The fabric is a polyester wool-look-alike and it’s heavy! Real wool was not an option because it’s too expensive for a garment that will be worn only once or twice and TN is allergic to wool and so wouldn’t be able to wear it anyway. I tried it on T and although it’s a bit too big for him it looked quite nice. It’s going to be quite a warm garment though so I hope they keep the temp down in the hall for all of us overdressed revelers! They dressed warm in the days before central heating for a reason but we’ve gotten used to having much less fabric on our bodies.

Today I’ll carry on with the brown undertunic that started out to be TN’s but is now his father’s. If the sewing seems to be out of logical order, I’m trying to get all the red/brown/burgundy sewing done first so I don’t have to change the thread in the serger so often. Though I’m only using a 2-thread overlock so it’s not a big deal really. I’m still sewing them first on the sewing machine but I’m loving having the speed and efficiency of being able to overlock all the narrow seams so they don’t fray. There are a LOT of mostly straight and mostly very long seams on these garments. Good thing I don’t have to sew them by hand! However there is also very little fabric left over and you have to know that people who had to handspin (on a spindle not a wheel) and handweave (on a primitive loom) their fabrics wouldn’t waste a scrap if they could help it. Moving right along.

It’s a bit cloudy right now but the temperature has been quite balmy. It’s supposed to get up quite warm today which is not an advantage to me if I’m going to be stuck up here in my stuffy garret sewing my fingers to the bone! Maybe I’ll save the handsewing to do outside on the deck later this afternoon when it heats up. One good thing about today being a holiday is that it’s quiet next door since the workmen knocked off early yesterday and are off today. Peace!

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