Monday, April 16, 2007

Moving Right Along

I spent Saturday at my friend D’s house with all but one of the rest of our Spectrum Study Group. They were working on felting flowers for our guild booth at the ANWG conference in June while I sewed on garb. Yeah, so what else is new, hey? I managed to finish the baby garb (which hopefully will still fit him in 2 weeks). I don’t know about the grosgrain ribbon that I used for the tie though. It seems too jarring. What do you think?

Maybe something lighter weight? I also completed the narrow hem on my veil but I didn’t do that neat of a job though I got better as I went. Out of practise I guess and it's much harder to do around a circle than straight sides and on polyester that doesn't hold a finger-press. It took quite a number of hours but that’s another thing off my list. No, you're not going to see a photo until the wedding!

Then yesterday T-Man and I went for a Sunday drive to Rolley Lake where we had a picnic lunch of cold leftover pizza and then a walk around the lake:

It’s a very easy walk but my hips have been bothering me lately so it was plenty of exercise for one day. I’ve been getting lazy and not taking my glucosamine as often as I should so old Arthur Itis is getting way too friendly with this old bod’. I’ve made a pact with myself to be good and take the full 3 capsules a day from now on. The weather was iffy, though the sun poked out a couple of times and it was a bit chilly but not too bad. It didn’t rain on us athough I packed an umbrella and wore my Gore-Tex jacket just in case. Spring is well along here despite the chill in the air:

It was good for me to get out and smell…er, look at the flowers. The trillium and salmonberry flowers were pretty and not stinky. But you don’t want to smell the skunk cabbage if you can help it! Pew! The other item in the collage is the undersides of a bracket fungus. There was a lot of damage in the forest from the ferocious winter storms we had. The trees here are mostly Western Redcedar and Western Hemlock with a smattering of Douglas Firs. It looks like it took quite a chainsaw brigade to clear the trails. It’s unfortunate but the forest will grow back eventually. It will change however now there’s a greater amount of light getting into the understory allowing more plants to grow on the forest floor.

So today I plan to dye my undertunic fabric some hopefully pleasant shade of light green. Heh. I also need to cut out T’s tunics and start thinking about how to make the coffee filter hat for Nana. She and the Ninja and his family are coming over for dinner tomorrow plus I have a guild meeting this Thursday evening, so I have to get along on the last of the items I still need to make. The Bride has a shower/stagette in the late afternoon next Saturday which somewhat conflicts with our involvment in another of the neighbourhood Stepping Stone projects on that day. It wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t take almost an hour to get to The Bride’s house from here. Guess we’ll just have to work fast on our mosaic and hope that T doesn’t get a call from work (he’s on-call next weekend). A person can only do what a person can only do.

Hmmm…did I mention that my shower gift for The Bride is my Sleeping Beauty spinning wheel? T-Man spiffed her all up for me, fixed her wobbly legs and waxed and polished her NZ rimu wood so she’s all ready to be passed down to the next generation spinner. I sort of hate to part with her, but I’m not using her and I still have 3 more wheels (4 if you count the charkha) so it seems silly to have her sitting gathering dust. At least it will still be in the family and is more period if my daughter wants to use it for SCA demos. It’s only 4 years younger than she is!


Sue said...

I think the baby outfit looks great! The ribbon looks just fine as is, but if you wanted to change it to a narrower ribbon, it might fit the scale of the bonnet a little more.

I hope you post lots of pictures of the wedding- I'm looking forward to seeing how all these garments look on the recipients! It's been quite an undertaking!

Sue said...

Wait, now I think maybe you were talking about the tie holding the bottom of the undergarment closed, and not the bonnet at all! Please don't be offended- I really do like the bonnet as is! The tie at the bottom is perhaps a bit too thick, though. You can't really see the bow. That's going to be an adorable baby!

(Off to take my foot out of my mouth now...)

Nadia said...

Wow! That's an amazing gift to give!