Tuesday, April 24, 2007

You Know It's Raining When...

…you have to turn on all the lights so you can see to work. We’re having a little April Shower weather today. But I don’t care because I’m not going anywhere. I’m chained to my sewing machine and cutting table. I now have my overtunic cut out as well as my circlet to wear over my veil and part of my belt. Nana’s hat that I finished yesterday just before dinner time turned out really cute. I definitely think I like it better than a veil. But I’m not making myself one. I’m not making another one ever. Period. It was a lot of work! I will however let you see what it looks like on me:

Not too great with my very short hair, eh? And notice the red nose and upper lip from all the wiping. I look as bad as I feel. Trust me, Nana will look much better in it than I do. Right now I’m taking a bit of a break but I’ll carry on with my sewing after I’m rested. Don’t forget, I have the flu. Again. I don’t know what I’m running on but it’s not energy. Probably sheer guts and mad determination to get this all done on time! I only have 3.5 days left to sew. Yes, I’m trying not to panic.

OK, I’ve had lunch, read a few podcasts, watched a few Knitty Gritty videos, read my email and I’m still feeling wiped out. (Funny. I almost typed “whipped”. That too.) Got to get out of this chair. Now. Well darn, I’m out of tea. That should get me moving. Right after I’ve posted this.

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Anonymous said...

I'm impressed with the headpiece. You are going to make it. Those hems were a lot of work, I hadn't considered the curve of the hem, but you chose the best way to finish them. I always think tea is a miracle cure, hopefully you feel better soon.