Thursday, May 03, 2007

Sittin' Knittin'

And not accomplishing much of anything else. But that’s just fine and dandy. I did manage to barely make it through my beginner spinning class last night. It helped that most of my newbies are pretty good and they all made continuous yarn by the end of the first lesson. That’s a good sign that everything will go well for the other 3 classes and we will have 7 new spinners at the end. I actually amazed myself at how professionally I gave the lesson for once! I also apologised for how lousy I sounded but assured them that I wasn’t catching. Then I went home and slept for around 10 hours straight.

Today I’m not feeling any better. Maybe even a tad worse. I have nothing on my plate for the next 7 days (except knitting a moose sock and threading a table loom) so hopefully I can rest up and beat The Bug. However, if I’m not starting to feel considerably better by Monday, I’m making an appointment with my doctor. Enough is enough already! My immune system definitely needs a kick in the pants but I’m reluctant to take another round of antibiotics so soon after the last one only a month ago.

Further on the leaking water main out front — it’s still leaking. We could plant rice in our garden out there but I don’t think it’s doing my poppies any favours. And the workmen are now walking through my hostas and Peruvian lilies to get to the side of the house because they can’t climb over the mountain of mud. Yuck. I’m kissing most of my garden near the property line goodbye this year. Otherwise I’ll go bananas trying to save it. There are more plants in the nursery to replace anything that doesn’t make it out alive. Might be a good excuse to redecorate. Yes, I’m a cockeyed optimist. Can’t you tell?

As far as the knittin’ that I’ve been working on while sittin’, I’ve got about 12 inches worth of Moose Stocking now and I’ve switched down to finer needles. That brought it about 2 inches narrower but I still need to go down 4 more inches by decreasing before the ankle. I’m about 1/3 of the way there and somewhere soon I’ll have to switch back to dpns because the circumference will be less than I can accommodate on the 16” circ. Don’t ask me what I’m going to do for the heel and foot. I’ll decide when I get there! Certainly a regular sock foot won’t work. Wilfred had a round foot with a “dew claw” in back. Maybe I’ll skip the heel and just leave an opening for that dew claw (where a shortrow heel would be) and do a short foot and quickly decreased toe. Wish I had his actual leg to work with here. That would help considerably. I could go visit him, but I’m not going anywhere for the next while if I can help it.

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Anonymous said...

Louisa, thank you for the encouraging post on my blog. Hope you feel better soon.