Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Let There Be Light

It’s rather dark around here this morning. They’re predicting a mixed bag of clouds, sunny periods and a chance of rain. The sky is cloudy and we've already had a teeny sprinkle, just enough to get everything damp but not enough to really water things. Right now I’m waiting for enough light to see to wash the dishes. Turning on the light seems so winter, doncha think? It didn’t even feel like August yesterday evening when, even though it was sunny and should have been hotter than Hades, my daughter-in-law asked to borrow a sweater before we ate dinner on the deck. I ended up putting one of my heavy cotton tops on my granddaughter and wrapping her little brother in a blanket so they didn’t feel chilled either. Funny thing — we were all wearing summer clothes thinking it must be summer! Silly us.

I didn’t accomplish nearly as much yesterday as I wanted because, as you can probably figure from the above paragraph, we got to babysit the munchkins while their parents went to a movie. Luckily they timed it so T-Man was already home from work. It’s much more manageable to deal with the little ones in tandem. I was much younger when I had two even closer together in age than my grandkids and I wonder now how I managed when T was working 50 hours or more per week. You cope and I’m just out of practice. It was fun anyway and we even managed to produce dinner for everyone when they got back. However today I’m feeling in my neck and back (which never usually bothers me) the results of lugging a heavy baby around. But he’s sooo cute! Even if he didn’t want a bottle but his mom instead. They are just adorable kids, says their not-too-biased (much!) grandmother. Ms Kiki will turn 3 on Thursday and Mr O is 6 months old:

These photos just show you should never throw anything out unless it's completely thrashed. That cash register (she calls them "pennies") and that blanket are over 30 years old and belonged to my kids. Some of our other toys belonged to my niece and nephew and are only maybe 15 years old. All interesting and different from the toys at home. (For one thing, they don't talk or sing or play music like so many modern toys!) The best thing about being a grandparent is that you can play and fuss and spoil and then give them back when you’re tired. Almost makes it worthwhile having had the parent!

Oh joy. They’re working on the house next door again after a 3-day break. I shouldn’t complain when I want them to finish. Soon. They’re already a month behind schedule and nowhere near done. Oh well, it may drive me off the computer and into my studio so I can continue to wind the blanket warp I started yesterday.

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