Thursday, August 02, 2007

Nearly Bedtime

But I just thought I’d zip in for a quick update. It was a hot day today full of appointments (hair, financial advisor) and grocery shopping. Not to mention watering the poor dry garden. I planned to post this morning but got pleasantly interrupted by an old friend and neighbour dropping by unexpectedly. She has asked me to again help jury the crafts for the Chrismas sale at Heritage Hall where she is the manager. Believe it or not the jury date is only the end of September. Not that far away. Yikes!

I just joined the KAL for the Icelandic Shawl pattern from Knitting Daily. I totally love it and I want to knit it in handspun yarn. So here’s yet another project for the month of August. The KAL doesn’t officially start until Labour Day so that gives me some time. Other participants are still awaiting their yarns to arrive from the suppliers, which helps. And I think there are a few spinners planning to knit theirs in handspun. I need to go stash diving.

Yep. Right after I finish winding all the blanket yarn into balls! I’m half finished but didn’t get any more accomplished today. I did get a few more rows done on the Hepburn Cardi sleeves but that’s about it. What I did do today though is knit several inches on T-Man’s socks while we were in the financial advisor’s office. It really helped me to concentrate on figures and concepts that are totally eye-glazing (at least for me) and I had something to show for the time spent besides a boggled brain. At least T understands most of what’s being decided, but I did dazzle them by sounding somewhat knowledgeable on the subject of recent market fluctuations and the decline in US funds. I do listen to the pundits on the radio nearly every day. Something got absorbed when I wasn’t looking! That’s actually quite scary. I’m supposed to be the numerically challenged one around here.

Well it’s 9pm and we didn’t get much sleep yesterday evening due to the fireworks festival that happens every summer. Must be nice for those who can get close enough to see it but for those of us who get an early start in the morning (T starts work at 6am) it’s a big pain. Between the whomps of the cannon fire and the airplanes and helicopters showing it off to the very well-heeled, it’s an hour of intense racket starting just after we go to bed. One more night (Saturday) for the finale and peace reigns again until next year. Whew.

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