Saturday, March 15, 2008

Now Is It The Ides?

Yep, finally. Not one of Julius Caesar’s better days, huh? Apparently according to good old Wikipedia, in the Roman calendar, the term ides was used for the 15th day of the months of March, May, July, and October, and the 13th day of the other 8 months. Thanks to Shakespeare’s play, March got to be the only one most people know about. This here blog is just a font of useless information, isn’t it?

Which brings me (in a roundabout way) to comments. I know I don’t actually get a lot of comments on this here blog. Some of you are shy. I can appreciate that. I don’t comment a huge amount on other people’s blogs either. But I want to explain (again) why I don’t email each and every one of my commenters personally to thank them for their input. Blogger in its wisdom (or lack thereof) makes it hard to do that. Often a comment will come to me with an “anonymous” name attached or even if it does have a name, it doesn’t give me an easy way to reply to you. Sometimes if there’s a question I’ll answer it in a subsequent comment. Pay attention to those and you’ll maybe want to click on the check box where it will email you any follow-up comments. Otherwise you might miss my answer because I can’t get back to you more directly. I might remember to answer in a subsequent blog post but you really can’t count on that. But you know I love it when you comment. Even inanities and me-tos. I’m like that. I appreciate you, my select group of readers. Although you all know I’m totally writing all this down for myself. Right? Heh.

Today we went back out to the stone supply place and bought another bunch of rocks. We skipped the red ones, even though we both really like them, because they are too porous and tend to flake in layers. Not good for our wet climate. We got more of the gold/rust ones instead, some large and some smaller ones. After plopping them down on the garden paths roughly where we thought they should go we realized that we need nearly as many again as we got on the first two trips to get a reasonable coverage. So far it’s cost over $150! Could become our weekly outing at this rate. Does spread the cost over time though which I suppose is a good thing. My hands are sore again and I haven’t even planted any of them yet.

Actually my hands are mostly sore from digging holes all over the soil between the rocks I planted last week and planting creeping thyme between them. It actually looks very good so far and there’s lots of room for the thyme to spread further. The soil is really hard and compacted there, not surprising since it’s been a pathway for years. I’m not good at using a trowel for long both because of my disk problems in my neck and arthritis in my fingers. Pathetic really. Makes a good excuse to quit before I hurt anything else!

The Gloves have one more finger each. Two more each to go. Unfortunately I stopped controlling myself and started swatching some bright red mohair laceweight yarn that wandered over from somebody else’s stash years ago. No it’s not the Laminaria shawl but another one called Zetor Scarf. I can’t help it. It’s perfect for this yarn and I love that I can adjust the size because it’s knitting from the centre of the neck outward like Evelyn A. Clark’s triangle shawls. No, I want something much more spectacular for Laminaria. In seaweedy colours too, not fire-engine red. BTW this yarn has no labels or other identifying features. All I know is that it has 2 plies and holds a blocking like a hot-damn. Not too soft but I don’t have a problem with being oversensitive. Besides I often wear shawls with turtlenecks or over outerwear. I shouldn’t have started anything new. My Hepburn Cardi is whimpering on its needles and I need to knit more socks too. Bad Damselfly. Of course I might find out that I need the very needles that Hepburn is currently wearing so that may become a moot point.

Gloves, right.

Here’s some total frivolity for you:

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Anonymous said...

'kay, here's a comment for you, and not because you told me to either. I usually resist doing what I've been told online because I know the instruction is for one and all and I hate to be just a 'hanger-on'.

But, I read your blog pretty well daily and am entertained by it. I read several others' as well but you're the only one whom I know in person. Now that I know you like it I'll pipe up more often. To be honest, who wouldn't love it, but really, how does the Yarn Harlot have time to read all her comments and still do everything it takes to lead a normal life, let alone knit?

By the way, one reason you don't know who is commenting is that, in this case anyway, I couldn't get blogger to accept my password so I had to sign as anonymous.


Louisa said...

If you signed your comment then you're not Anonymous, Marina! And I have no idea how Yarn Harlot does it. Obviously she doesn't reply to everything!

Of course then there's the second comment of which I'm a little suspicious. They pretend to be a blogger but the website is all advertising - at least as far as I can tell because I don't speak the lingo. I'd call it spam.