Monday, May 12, 2008

Little Things Add Up

Thanks, everyone, for your sympathetic comments on my last post. I’ve now decided that Ms Polly does notice that her daughter is gone. The first night she slept at the top of the basement stairs instead of in her bed and meowed in the wee hours for us to let her up. We didn’t but she’s been even more sucky and noisy than usual around us. Because she’s so deaf she yells out her meows! She can’t hear herself. (Kind of like me actually — I always talk louder without my hearing aids on.) I’m sorry there’s not enough love in the world to fill the gap left by a lost loved one.

I had the desired quiet Mother’s Day yesterday. I didn’t hear from my kids but that’s normal. We had a lovely time Saturday evening at Milady Daughter’s for a chicken barbeque cooked by her DH. And I knew that The Ninja would be busy with his family and his mother-in-law. I never mind the lack of gushing and cards for what I call Hallmark Holidays. I know they all love and appreciate me and they don’t need a mandated day to tell me so. However, the generation before me is another ball o’yarn! I phoned my birth mom and had a lovely long chat. She loved the card that I sent her and was very grateful for the cheque included. It was her request for cash because she needs to purchase expensive herbal supplements to fight her cancer. Since she lost her part-time cleaning job in her apartment building it’s been a tough go. She’s doing fairly well though, all things considered. I’m glad I’m in a position to help a little.

Then T-Man and I worked out in the back garden for awhile and planted more of the stones and shaped the beds better. We’ve only got one path’s worth to go and it’s looking quite attractive. We even got some positive comments from neighbours on how well the garden is coming along. I say it would look better if there was actually something growing in it besides weeds! Nice paths and clean beds are all well and good but some potential vegetables would be nice. At least we’re getting all the asparagus we can eat now. The weather promises to be nice and getting quite a bit warmer over the next few days so hopefully I can get the beans planted and the tomatoes into the ground in the greenhouse. I want to put the cacti out too. The smaller of my disocactus already has a flower bud.

In crafty news, I’m now on the home stretch on the Hepburn Cardi. Just sewing the seams together preparatory to washing and blocking it. I want to give it a good wash rather than just a steam block because the yarn is waxed for machine knitting and I’d like to get that out. I also need to get just the right buttons. It’s a good thing I waited to get them because I only made 10 buttonholes instead of 12 and I probably need to test to see if they fit through the finished buttonholes. Somehow 10 fit in better with the decorative ribbing on the button-band and 12 just seemed too much. With the sun out today there’s some reason to believe it will dry in a reasonable amount of time if I can put the sweater outside. But first I have to finish assembling it.

No, I haven’t done any weaving. Don’t ask.

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