Monday, June 16, 2008

Wasn't That A Party!

Aren’t they cute? Apart from my lousy photography, the wedding was a blast and everything went very well. Milady Daughter and her Lord were already there since they had the shortest distance to come and the traffic was horrendous late Saturday afternoon. My Son The Ninja and his lovely White Lady nearly missed it but they made it just in time after leaving the little ones with her mom. The Aunties were behaving after we picked them up — at least on the way out (going home was another story!) — and they even joined in the dancing for a short while. Anyone know how to do the Lambeth Walk? It has to be better than the Chicken Dance. For which apparently my in-law-kids are game but not my own flesh-and-blood. Too funny! T-Man and I danced up a storm too as I can tell by how my back is feeling today. Or maybe that was the weeding I did in the garden yesterday? (Probably both.) The Happy Couple are off on their honeymoon to California with a first-time visit to Disneyland as the goal. Whew! Another big family event over and done. The next couple of kids are teenagers and too young yet for contemplating marriage so with any luck we have no more family weddings in the near future.

As far as World Wide Knit in Public Day goes I got up to the toe decreases on the Ocean Socks in the van on the way to the wedding but that was it! I’ll look forward to next year’s celebration of all things yarny with my friends but meanwhile I often KIP anyway so missing this opportunity is no biggie for me. The Ocean Socks are nearly done and then I go on to a pair for Milord SIL’s birthday in July. I also need to finish the A-Maizing Socks before I get too far onto something else otherwise they’ll be dragging on forever.

And my Circus Blanket needs to get finished soon also or it will be celebrating a birthday before it’s done! I plan to work on it this week though the weather is gorgeous for a change and the temperature is perfect so it’s hard to stay out of the garden. We both worked for hours yesterday and no matter how hard we try there’s still a huge amount left to do. Some things are looking very good and some are a little the worse for the cold rainy weather we had recently. Hopefully if the temperature warms up some they will pick up. At least it’s sunny so I’m not complaining! I don’t like it too hot anyhow even if my zucchinis do.

Unfortunately I’m finding it hard to get my rump out of my chair today no matter what needs to be accomplished.

Question To Ponder

Why is the Chicken Dance so popular at weddings? (I know, I should be grateful at least that it’s not the Macarena.) I just looked it up on Wikipedia and found out that this silly Swiss oom-pah music wasn’t released as a K-Tel recording until the early ‘80’s which explains why I still don’t know how to do it properly. It thankfully wasn’t around when I got married in 1971! I’m from the Dark Ages. I know.

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Asylim said...

Hello Aunt Louisa

That's a nice picture of us. :)

We're currently down in LA and just got net access for the first time since Sunday.

Thanks you for the "big secret project" We will get many, many good years of use out of them. :)

If you're interested in keeping up with us as we go through our honeymoon my blog is at

We're a little behind on it but it'll be updated next.

Love Daniel and Nicole