Friday, August 08, 2008

Dancing With Shiva

We had a lovely time yesterday, colouring with crayons like little kids. However the “crayons” were Shiva Paintstiks's_new2.htm which are oil based and somewhat messier to use than wax crayons. But they are much fun and permanent even on fabric. We used stencils, torn paper, carved wooden and rubber stamps (wood works better), along with toothbrushes and stencil brushes and lots and lots of paper towels. The iridescent colours are particularly gorgeous and you can get some very interesting effects that you can’t get with dye or fabric paint. Here’s some examples:

Jo Anne has taught students these techniques so she had some pieces already freemotion stitched with batting and backing. Some of the fabrics used were already dyed, stamped or painted and then further embellished with the Paintstiks. So many ideas! This one is Cathie’s and on paper that was already printed with gold dots:

Masami decided to wear her piece and it almost became part of her blouse:

The woodblock stamp she used is one of mine that I’ve had for nearly 40 years. Donna was experimenting with a number of these blocks:

And Kirsten (who can now read my blog because she finally has highspeed Internet access – Hi, Kirsten!) played with rubbing plates as well as stamps and other items:

This is the only one I did that I kind of like:

For some reason, I always think everyone else’s pieces are much nicer than my own. I don’t do well in a group setting. It’s much easier for me to actually produce good work when I’m all by myself. Though I learn from what others are doing, I don’t usually make anything spectacular in a class. Except maybe by accident! I do love these ladies though so the social aspect is the big thing. And the food of course!

Now we let our masterpieces (hic!) rest for a couple of days and then give them a good ironing and they are then permanent. Good thing they aren’t permanent right away because I got a big smear on my jumper right across the bust. I washed it quickly in Synthrapol when I got home and it came right out. BTW the title refers to the Hindu god Shiva as the Lord of the Dance. (I really think he came before Michael Flatley!) Shiva is also the Transformer or Destroyer, depending on the aspect. Hope we don’t see that last one. Close your third eye.

I won’t be here for the next meeting in September so I hope they will do something I don’t care about!

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Anonymous said...

Ooh, that looks like a lot of fun. With such lovely results. I'd love to see a quilt sewn up with some Shiva-painted (colored? scribbled?) fabric.