Friday, November 21, 2008

FO Friday

Well, I was out most of the day yesterday. In order to have a ride to and from my weavers’ guild meeting I had to leave crack-o-dawn early and sit through not one but three meetings, 2 of which were business/organizing ones. The result of just being there meant that I had to say “no” not once but three times to proposals that I should take on something. I’m getting good at saying no. I’m proud of me! At least while I was at it I managed to get about 4 or 5 rows knitted on the Seaweed Shawl. Doesn’t sound like much, I know, but it takes upwards of half-an-hour per row. Plus I was hauling chairs and tables, chatting and visiting the guild library as well as sittin’ knittin’.

Today I’ve somehow slipped back into feeling yukky – sore throat, stuffy sinuses and a few sniffles – I’m getting very annoyed with this state of affairs. I’ve been trying to ignore it but the sore throat just never quite goes away. And no, I haven’t yet made a doctor’s appointment. Every time I get fed up enough to ponder that, it clears up just enough to make me change my mind. Besides, I’ve mentioned it to him the last couple of times I’ve seen him and didn’t get much of an answer. I think both of us keep expecting it to go away by itself. But it never really does. He thinks it’s just allergies or something but I’m darned sure it’s some kind of infection that waxes and wanes according to how revved up (or not) my immune system is feeling. I haven’t yet convinced him that it’s anything to be concerned about because every time I see him it’s much better than it was. I hate to waste both of our time but I’m giving it until Monday or else. Remind me if I forget and let it go again.

And speaking of health matters, did I mention that the bruise in my mouth from the dental hygienist’s errant scraper has appeared on the outside of my chin? Hurts much less but shows more. Looks like I forgot to wash my face. Oh, and T-Man got his first flu shot. Wish me luck in NOT catching it. That’s all I don’t need.

Finally, here’s the latest FO:

Purple Ruffles Socks

Purple Ruffles Socks

Made For: Princess Pink
Begun: October 24, 2008
Completed: November 18, 2008

Pattern: Double Lace Ribbing by Charlene Schurch
Yarn: Knit Picks Bare - Superwash Merino/Nylon Fingering Weight, .4 of a skein (left over from Purple Passion Socks), 180 yds approx., hand-dyed purples/pinks in acid dyes, low-water immersion technique. Purchased from Knit Picks.
Needles: Clover Takumi 5”, 2.0 mm

Notes: Similar to the Purple Passion Socks for La Violette (my sister-in-law). I added a ruffle on the top (cast on 108 sts), worked 4 rows of k2/p1 ribbing after the dec round and then into the pattern stitch for 7 repeats. These were knit on 54 sts to the heel flap. Flap on 26 sts (28 for instep), gusset reduced to 14 sts each needle (56 sts total), foot 5”, dec to 24 sts, dog-ear reduction, graft toe. Finished foot length: 6.5”.

I nearly ran out of yarn and had to join the last bit of one ball to the other sock to finish the toe. They’re really cute! Hope they last her for a little while at least.

Since I finally finished two projects in fairly short order, I decided to cast on for the Springtime in Philadelphia Beret. I’m calling it the Earthly Beret after the name of the yarn I’m using which is named the “Earth” colourway, though it’s not that earthy to me since it’s kind of a slightly muted but still Koolaid-ish palette of pinks, orange, yellow, green and blue. I need a real bit of light to photograph the hat’s beginning and it’s pretty dim today. Suffice it to say that it’s not a difficult knit even though there’s a rather large chart involved.

I started with dpns and the crocheted Emily Ocker cast on (tutorial here). Eventually when I thought it was big enough, I switched to an Addi Lace circ using a modified magic-loop technique. Addi Lace needles don’t come in 16” lengths and all I have are 24” (being the most handy size), hence the modified technique. Although I’m sure others have figured this out also, all I could find about it online was a bad video that really doesn’t explain anything. Basically, you push up your stitches on the left-hand needle to the tip and pull out a length of cable on the right-hand needle and use it to knit with until things get tight (I can get in at least a couple of inches worth of stitches). Then pull the tip of the right needle until you pull out the cable again. The “magic loop” forms on the right as you start to knit the stitches off the left needle, forming naturally as you work so you don’t have to poke between stitches to pull the cable out manually. Advantages are that you can use a cable that is too short for regular magic loop but still too long for the stitches to go around completely and the placement of the loop changes constantly and automatically thus avoiding any obvious “ladders” in your knitting. I find it much faster and easier to do. Even though you need to draw the cable out more often, it’s just a quick yank without concern that you’re going to lose anything! You do need a stitch marker to know where the rounds begin of course. Perhaps I’ll do a photo tutorial some time because I can’t find one out there.

So that’s two projects on the needles but neither of them are exactly TV-watching types. I need a simple pair of socks. I started winding a ball of On Your Toes sock yarn into 2 balls to start a pair for The Ninja but there were 6 – count ‘em – SIX knots in the one 100g ball plus another really crappy join that wasn’t exactly a knot but close. So I decided that this yarn will be lucky to become a couple of pairs of Frankensocks (aka non-matching) for Stargazer instead, who will likely grow out of them before they have a chance to self-destruct any further. Now I either need to start them or find another suitable ball of yarn for his daddy. Sigh. I’ve used several balls of this yarn before and never had a problem with knots. This one sure beats all!

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