Monday, January 05, 2009

Raveling Along

We had an extra meeting of our Ravelry group yesterday at the Grind. There was quite a good turnout considering the weather conditions (about which we shall not speak). Anyway we had several new Yarn Wranglers show up as well as old ones and it was a lovely time of fun conversations. I guess we were all missing our get-togethers since the last 2 have been canceled. Maybe we’re all going a bit cabin-crazy at this point, weather be damned. Three Bags Full was still closed (until today) and their big sale is next weekend so a few of us went to Birkeland Bros Wool instead after the meet-up. I got a ball of sock yarn for my bro-in-law, The Soccer Coach’s birthday socks. He like last year’s pair (his first) so much that he deserves another and I didn’t have anything that I thought he would like in the stash. That part of the family just came back from Christmas in Quebec and he said his socks kept his feet nice and toasty. Just the encouraging words I like to hear.

I’ve completed Nana’s Kaffe’s Pool Gloves up to the fingers but am running extremely low on yarn. I can’t make the gloves match exactly and I’m not even sure I have enough for all the fingers. And I don’t think I have anything suitable as a plain contrast that I can use either. Though I’ll wait until it’s light enough out to tell. I might be able to dye something. I’ll have to think about it. Meanwhile I started The Coach’s socks while I’m waiting to figure out my glove-ish dilemma. Gotta have something mindless on the needles at all times.

T-Man is working from home again today. I’m attempting to relieve the cabin-fever by imagining walking along an Oregon beach:

Instead of looking at more of this:

Three weeks of white now and counting. Maybe I’ll knit a few rows on the Seaweed Shawl today.


Asylim said...

I tell ya, this white stuff is bringing back memories of my prison like time spent in Toronto during the winters. Thankfully I moved back and met Nicole. :)

Sharon in Surrey said...

Prison is just about the word for this weather!!!
Listened to the neighbor try for hours to get out this AM. Glad I don't have to be anywhere since the alley's almost impassible again!!! Knit something Green!

Louisa said...

My Seaweed Shawl is green!

BTW, Asylim hon', I'm missing my lost sock needle muchly. Hope it's still lurking around your house someplace safe so I can get it back eventually. Is your lovely spouse feeling better?

Asylim said...

Nicole is feeling better. We're in the process of getting her on my benefits package at work so she doesn't have to wait to go to the dentist anymore. As for the sock needle, it's sitting on top of the book shelf right next to me. We'll have to arrange a time to meet up so we can get it back to you.

Louisa said...

Too bad you can't send my needle over by carrier pigeon or something! Oh well. I have lots of old needles to go on with. Meanwhile I'm glad N is feeling better.