Thursday, March 26, 2009

Reviews ‘R’ Us

Well I’ve been using Windows Live Writer for a number of posts now and I’m in love. I forgot to give you the URL in case you couldn’t find it yourself. Go here. There are several other free programs there but you don’t have to get them if you don’t want to. Live Writer works with pretty much any blog system you’re using or you can set one up (Windows Live). You need a Windows Live ID but if you have Hotmail or Messenger then you probably already have one. No biggie. When you run WLW it helps you set up your blog or blogs if you have more than one. You can add another any time.

So since the last time I blogged about my happiness with WLW, I’ve discovered a few things. First it saves a copy of your post automatically on your hard drive. If you’ve been afraid of losing your blog posts, this should eliminate that fear. You can work offline and save unfinished drafts, set publish dates in the future and generally have more control than with some blog hosts like Blogger that I use. It is so much easier to insert stuff like hyperlinks, pictures, tables and other stuff and to format text. You can see what it will look like right away before you post. Oh and I found out how to add my “labels” only WLW calls them “categories” which is what threw me at first. It already downloaded my label list. Totally cool.

OK, I’ll shut up about Things Technological now. Lets talk about the Monkey See Monkey Too Socks. Cookie A has a video here talking about her most popular sock pattern with Kim Werker on Knitting Daily TV. And she’s updated the Monkey Socks pattern to accommodate other sizes: Ravelry link or Knitting Daily TV link (scroll down). I may try the expanded version with lifted increases instead of yo’s for a pair for T-Man. Eliminating the eyelets would make it a bit more “manly” I think. He’s already expressed a desire for a pair of his own. Meanwhile mine are coming along:

Monkey_prog I decided these are mine even though I don’t really need another pair of socks. None of them will wear out! I’m running out of room in the sock drawer but must occasionally have a new pair Just Because I Can. This is my first experience with Confetti Seta sock yarn: a combo of wool, silk and nylon. Doesn’t really feel that much different from normal sock yarn. But I haven’t washed it yet so we’ll see if the silk eventually expresses itself. Otherwise there’s no point in having it in there, doncha think?

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