Thursday, April 09, 2009


T-Man has had to work an even earlier shift than normal for the last few days. So he’s doing it from home which means that I get woken up before 5:00am along with him since the computer is about a metre from the end of our bed. I eventually drag myself out from the warm covers and go make him some coffee (tea for me) and then breakfast. He gets served at his desk so he’s feeling quite spoiled by the attention.

The weather has turned back to rain and cooler temps as we knew it would. One big advantage of T’s working the earliest shift is that when he gets off at 1pm he’s home already. So we went for a walk yesterday giving him a break from working on replacing the back fence. He does have a limited time to get it done though – the blackberries are starting to grow and once they get too big he won’t be able to get in there without damaging the canes more than he already has. They will survive anyway no matter what. There is no easy way to discourage Himalayan blackberries!

An update on grandson Stargazer: the poor little guy did break his leg on Monday! He now has a honking huge cast all the way up to his upper thigh to protect the “greenstick” fracture just under the knee (much higher up than originally thought). He’s quite a brave little kid but it’s hard to explain what’s going on to a two-year-old who wants the cumbersome thing off. Now! I’m sure he’ll be managing to get around on it quickly and it’s only supposed to be on for a week or so. Sure makes him very heavy to carry though! Here’s Daddy Ninja tickling the little toes sticking out of the thing:

StargazerCastI couldn’t help being the first to decorate it with a blue star with an eye in the centre (Stargazer – get it?) in the middle of his instep. I’m sure his mom will be getting out her paints to add some more to it before it gets too dirty! Big sister Princess Pink was pretty blasé about all the attention her little brother was getting. She’s been a much more reasonable human being now that she’s heading towards her fifth birthday in August. Their parents, however, were pretty exhausted after all the stress of hanging around in doctors offices and hospital emergency rooms with more to come in the near future.

In Knitting News, I’m quite behind on the Papyrine Wrap now. I’m going to have to do some serious knitting today. I’ve been speeding up on the repeats some now that I don’t need to look at the pattern constantly. I have it mostly memorised finally. I’ve also been plugging away a row at a time on the Selbu tam. It’s also getting easier and I’ve been practising better technique with the right-hand throwing of the main colour yarn. It’s been so long since I’ve knit that way that I’m nearly starting from scratch. My tension is somewhat…ahem, variable, but I think it’s improving. This little tam is a good excuse to practise and small enough that if it turns out really bad, I can frog and start again.

Back to work. I’m several repeats off my paper knitting schedule as it is. Don’t want to get even more behind there.

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Anonymous said...

Poor little Stargazer! I hope he gets lots of people decorating that cast and that his leg heals up quick. :)