Friday, April 24, 2009

One FO At A Time

Here’s the first of my recent FOs. Still haven’t finished writing up the second one yet. I’ve been busy!

Selbu Modern Tam KAL

clip_image002For: me

Yarn: MC – Koigu KPM, 100% merino wool, dye code 2425, dye lot 81, purply-browny-charcoal. 1 ball, 50g = 175 yds (160m).

CC – Louet Gems, super fine/fingering weight, was Pure White, 80.1702-13, dyed by me to rusty orange, 100% superwash merino wool. Less than ½ ball, 50g = 185 yds.

Needles: 2mm 16” Aero aluminum circular (ribbing), 3mm 16” Aero circ (main body) and 3mm 6” Crystal Palace bamboo dpns (to complete crown).

Pattern: Selbu Modern by Kate Gagnon (Zeitgeist Yarns).

Comments: My Ravelry meetup group started this KAL. I tried to resist but of course it was futile! I started with the rusty orange Gems fingering that I had dyed and then had some help choosing the Koigu for the main colour. They are a little different in size and twist. The Gems has more yards per 50g and is slightly thicker but softer twist. The Koigu has a tighter and more uneven twist. Can anyone tell me whether or not it is superwash? The label doesn’t say. It only says to handwash and dry flat which leads me to believe that it’s not but I could be wrong. The Gems is definitely superwash since it says so directly on the label.

clip_image004I knit the hat with the main colour (charcoal) in my right hand (throwing) and the contrast colour (rusty orange) in my left hand (picking). It took me some time to remember how to throw with my right hand because I haven’t done that for years! My tension suffered since I was also trying to keep the floats loose and my left-hand picking is already looser than my right-hand throwing. I thought my vintage Aero circs were just fine for this project and the stiff cable didn’t interfere at all. I went up a size on the main needle because it was just too tight for gauge – though the tension was neater. I was afraid the hat would come out too small but it’s just right. When I got to the point in the crown where I needed to switch to dpns I ended up going to Birkeland Bros for a new set of 3mm bamboo. I only had a set of 4 in metal (need 5!) and the bamboo ones I have from Japan are much too long at 10” to be practical. (I’ve threatened to saw them in two: one shorter set and one longer but never done it. Now I have a good 6” set so I won’t have to resort to violence.)

I had one little blip that I repaired with a duplicate stitch. Then I finished the tam in hot soapy water and a little of the dye from both yarns washed out. Not as much of the one I dyed as I might have expected though but more of the Koigu. Interesting. Afterwards I blocked it on a 10” plate perched on a drinking glass until dry.

As always, Kate’s pattern is wonderful and fits really well. There’s lots of different ways to wear it. Guess I have to thank my friends for talking me into this one! Though now it’s too warm to wear it. Darn.

Meanwhile I worked more in the garden and more on my paper wrap. I also got two new books in the mail. More anon but right now we’re going to celebrate this glorious spring day by going for a long walk. I need to slather on some sunscreen! Whoo-hoo!

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