Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I totally smell like cinnamon this morning. That’s because for breakfast I had a bowl of oatmeal with half of one of my favourite Pacific Rose apples, a tablespoon of ground flax seed and a large sprinkling of cinnamon cooked in. Because the apples are so huge there was more apple than rolled oats! No need for sweetening at all. Just a dollop of cereal cream. Yum.

Yesterday afternoon was so nice out that I got a chance to dig some more in the garden. I planted out some of my greens (lettuce, arugula, mizuna, tah tsai) and the summer leeks. Before I planted them, I picked off a bunch of the outer leaves since they were so huge and I’d rather eat them myself than have the bugs get them first! We had some in our dinner salad last evening along with some of the walking onions and store-bought veg. Nice to have garden-grown stuff in meals again! Though I just used up the last clove of my garlic the other day in a stir-fry. Sniff!

That’s it for home garlic until the scapes grow. The plants are already over a foot tall and doing very well. But then they are cold-hardy. Which is very handy since there was a hint of frost on some of the local roofs this morning. I wisely brought the broccoli in with the tomatoes last evening out of the greenhouse. Back – forth – back – forth…whew.

Today even though it’s very nice out (but cool), I needed to vacuum since I’ve been avoiding that for weeks. As someone may have noticed, not my favourite occupation! My friend Jo is coming over tomorrow to play in the dye studio so I thought I’d at least reduce the dust bunny population before she thinks I’ve gotten some new pets! Don’t believe me? Meet Fred & Ethel, who’s photo I snapped before sucking them up:

Dust Bunnies 

And they were not the only members of the family lurking about! The sun is shining in and making the dirt rather obvious. Amazing how much gets tracked in while gardening even if you’re trying not to. While I was playing in the garden yesterday, T-Man finished the first part of the back fence and tied the blackberry canes to it.

BackFenceOh, and while I was out there this morning bringing in that garbage can you can see in the alley, I found this:

PeaSo they didn’t drown or freeze after all! Yay! Now if they can avoid being eaten by the birds (hence the black net over them that you can just barely see in the photo) we may have some yummy peas some day soon.

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