Monday, May 25, 2009

I’m Glad I’m Not Yarn Harlot

Poor Stephanie! She travels so much that pretty much anything annoying that can happen while doing so has happened to her: lost luggage, missed flights, lost cab drivers, crazy airport security and so on. I would not be able to handle it with the same aplomb as she does. Since I’m currently in that state which T-Man calls “Packing Mode” all I can think about is that everything for the Three Grannies’ Road Trip to Spokane goes as smoothly as possible. So far I haven’t even actually packed much because we don’t leave for 2 more sleeps. But I’m thinking about it and the list is long! We don’t have much room in Beryl’s car so I’m trying to keep it down, but I need a crazy amount of stuff for a week at a weavers’ conference. I’m famous for bringing everything, often including the kitchen sink. Better to have something and not need it than to need something and not have it. That’s my motto. Not only do I need a spinning wheel and Kirsten needs a table loom (and all their accoutrements) but we’re also bringing all the pieces to assemble our guild’s display booth. Where are we going to find any room for clothes? Or the three of us, for that matter?

It’s going to be lots of fun though. I get to be Navigator and will try valiantly not to get us lost. I’ve never been to Spokane before and no, we don’t have a GPS. However, I can read maps – as long as they are halfway accurate. Sometimes they omit important info such as the exit we need is on the left side of the 6-lane freeway instead of the customary right! Oy!

Well, I’ve got to go do more last-minute stuff such as put up the strings for my scarlet runner beans which are coming up. They grow fast so they’ll need something to climb on very soon. I hate to leave all my baby plants but I’m just going to have to trust T to take care of them as best he can when he’s not working. I also need to wind some yarn skeins into balls for travel knitting. Of course I pack the important crafty stuff first and then the clothes fit into any room left in the suitcase. You can always survive with one less pair of pants but not one less ball of yarn than you need to finish a project! Though Google Maps says the trip is only 6 hours and 29 minutes, we’re breaking it up into 2 days of traveling. Obviously that time estimate doesn’t include border crossing, potty breaks, food stops and Granny Fatigue! So that’s a fair amount of knitting time I’ll have available. When I’m not reading maps and watching for elusive exits.

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