Thursday, May 07, 2009

Odd Day

Yes, it is indeed an Odd Day – 5/7/09. Apparently this is a fairly rare occurrence, but since I’m math-impaired I’ll take their word for it. So celebrate, people! Methinks I’m odd enough already though I’m sure I can think of something even odder than usual to mark the occasion before the day is out.

So I’m heading off in a short while to my friend Cathie’s for the monthly Spectrum meeting. Hopefully this time I’ll be able to concentrate and get some play time with my Art Journal. Last month all I could think about was the Papyrine Shawl but since I’m reduced to knitting little leaves and roots at the moment, I think I’ll leave that at home. Besides I have to take the bus with all my stuff and I don’t want to risk getting the paper wet in the intermittent rain showers we’ve been having. I’m using my little wheelie pack because I have so much stuff to bring that I can’t carry the weight. It’s not too bad in a sprinkle but an extended rain will eventually seep through the nylon. Even though it’s not raining right this second, you just know it’s going to start again the minute I step out the door, don’t you?

The lecture last evening with Jane Kenyon was totally fun and inspiring! I can’t wait to try a thing or three for my Art Journal. She spends quite a bit of time with collage, painting and mixed media that often ends up as a design basis for her thread paintings. In her slides, she showed us the steps that the design goes through to the final piece: small artwork or photo, cut/paste/layer/colour in Photoshop, and then stitching, stitching and more stitching. I think everyone has patience for the things that they love but wow! The number of hours Jane spends at the sewing machine is truly amazing! Her final pieces are ALL rayon embroidery thread and feel like solid but supple cloth. Sorry, I do have some photos but they are still in my camera and I have no time right now so you’ll have to wait for them.

More on Jane anon. And thanks so much for the Happy Blogiversary wishes, my dears! I have a bus to catch. Adventures In Public Transit, here I come!

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