Monday, June 15, 2009

Enforced Holiday

OK it’s been temporarily amusing but I’m getting really bored now! Walking around is a bit more comfortable now that the redness is gone from the edge of my heel. Though I still can’t wear shoes or even sandals for more than a few minutes. The ouchies are mostly on my inner ankle bone and upper arch so pretty much any footwear is going to rub even with a lot of padding from the bandages. And my ever-faithful Sock Monkey Sock. So I’m still confined to barracks for the moment.

Meanwhile poor T-Man has been attempting to shoulder the full burden of the garden. He was out there most of the day yesterday pruning and tying and watering and fertilising. I was going twitchy not being able to help. Bet today he’s quite happy to be safely at work sitting in front of a computer! Hope he gets nice and rested because even though it’s cooler today with intermittent clouds, the front garden still needs water.

I also need to rest up because we’re supposed to have the grand-beasties over for the afternoon tomorrow. T doesn’t get home until about 2:30pm so they will be all mine until then. Probably a good time to get out the Play-Doh, huh? We can do that sitting down at least.

In crafty news, I was interested to see that Stampington & Co. has put out another magazine “Art Quilting Studio” to rival “Quilting Arts” from Interweave. This is another one of their super-thick expensive publications with fabulous photography, lots of visual and personal inspiration but very little actual how-to nitty-gritty. QA, on the other hand, has no end of techniques explained and illustrated with lots of concrete examples. You might find both approaches equally exciting but I like QA best because of the more straightforward style of writing and presentation. That’s just the kind of damselfly I am: WYSIWYG. I like to know how to do it.

Stampington has been experimenting with an awful lot of new magazines that are not-quite-books. Many of them come out once or twice a year as special issues. If you are a fan of Belle Armoire or Art Doll Quarterly, then you have a good idea of the type of content in the others. I’m not really sure how many issues I will continue to get. They are rather pricey! And I’ve noticed a similar aesthetic overall that I’ve begun to get a bit tired of. Images of houses, birds or persons with crowns - again? However, I’m waiting for the summer issue of “Stuffed”. The softies are so creepy-cute I can’t resist them.

This is all to avoid talking about Secret Project #2 because it’s giving me a bit of difficulty at the nearly-finished stage. I will make it work. I have my ways.

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Susan said...

Sorry to hear of your scalded foot!
I was thinking of you trying to wrangle kidlets and not being able to move fast!
Get well soon....