Friday, June 05, 2009


I wanted to carry on the story of my adventures at ANWG but I seem to be super busy today doing other things. Just stopped by to say I’m still here and haven’t forgotten. I also have an FO that I’m dying to post but can’t yet because it’s a secret. So mum’s the word until I can get it to its recipient. Sorry to be such a tease.

While I’m at it, Knitting Daily has a free e-book collection of 7 baby patterns available today. (You all get KD, don’t you? There’s no point in linking it, right?) I find that I'm not much interested in it because I have pretty much all those patterns already or I’m just not interested. Do people still put booties on their babies? I never found them that useful since most babies wear sleepers with feet in them or regular socks and little shoes or slippers. Booties as I recall never stay on no matter what you do! I don’t really understand the plethora of bootie patterns out there unless it’s the knitters that want them rather than the parents of new babies. Am I talking through my bonnet…er, hat here?

While I’m on the subject of knitwear for small children, I’m currently working on upsizing a pattern for a baby’s cardigan to fit a 2-3 year old. So far it’s working. I’m developing a definite fondness for top-down raglan-sleeved cardigans. Or bottom-up. Or circular yoke. All in one piece anyhow, whichever way you go. Simple to knit, no sewing, only a few ends to darn in and easy to adjust for size – what’s not to like? More on this project later. Right now just more teasing.

The weather has finally moderated a little. At least there’s some high cloud and it’s only 25C instead of 30+. The latter is just too hot for me. My brain melts. I’ve also been spending at least an hour every day watering my garden by hand. I wouldn’t want all those plants that I worked so hard to grow to croak now! They are doing really well for once. It’s definitely a lot of work though. At least I can spray myself down if I get too hot. The advantage of rubber clogs in the garden. Love the sound they make when they’re all wet. Squelch!

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