Thursday, July 30, 2009

Broken Record

SunflowersIt seems that my ranting about the heat wasn’t all in my imagination. We broke the all-time record for hottest day ever yesterday! 34C (over 93F) at the airport (YVR, the “official” weather office) and it was 29C (84F) in our house at bedtime. Yikes. And it was a lot hotter still farther away from the water – although the hotspot in the province was Bella Coola – go figure. Wasn’t it just a short while ago that I was complaining about the 3 feet of snow? And how some of my plants had frozen to death? Some people are just never satisfied, huh? Good thing at least that we haven’t run short of water. Yet. Thanks to all that snow.

Guess there’s always the good with the bad and vice versa. Some things in my garden are doing better than they ever have before. Even if I have to drive myself crazy with the watering or they would just be burnt to little crisps and blown away in the breeze. After getting up at 5:30 am (thanks to a crappy night’s sleep) I spent the early morning blanching and freezing a huge bag of beans and getting some more zucchini ready to dehydrate into tasty chips. I picked some coreopsis (while narrowly avoiding sunburn) and finished up watering the whole garden, front and back. After getting the week’s laundry started and the bed sheets changed (sweaty nights do not make for pleasant repose), it was beginning to get much too toasty to consider any more domestic chores. So I spent the rest of the day lazing about on the clean bed with the big fan on me, knitting and reading. I think I deserve to rest on my laurels for awhile! Which reminds me. Fan-fan needs more water for its “swamp cooler” feature for which I’m very grateful. It’s back up to 29C in the house again and I break a sweat just getting up to go to the bathroom. Blech.

On a positive note, I’m nearly down to the toe on one of Milord’s socks and the other is just past the gussets. Getting there.

I think I forgot to mention that we went on Tuesday to see the Harry Potter movie. Perfecto! I liked it very much even if it does simplify the story considerably. Unfortunately the AC in the mall was broken (timing is everything!) so we didn’t get the nice chilling that we had planned. At least it wasn’t too hot in the theatre. Just to remind ourselves how much Daniel, Rupert and Emma had matured, we watched our copy of the Philosopher’s Stone last night. It also reminded us what a great movie even the first one was. Yeah, I’m a geek. So sue me. I would have adored having those books to read as a kid. Oh wait! I adored them as a grownup anyway!

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