Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wasting Time Productively

I’ve recently heard (or read) several people lament that their loved ones are “addicted” to technology. Whether texting or playing video games, yakking on cell phones, watching too many videos or, spending too much time on the computer on social networking sites, googling or, er….ummm…reading blogs and hanging out on Ravelry, it can eat up hours and hours of one’s life. What would you be doing if your power was off and your batteries all dead? Would you be bored? Frustrated? Interesting question, huh? Try it. Turn off everything for 24 hours and see how you feel.

I have to admit that although I don’t Tweet or Plurk, do not have a Facebook page nor a cell phone and have no interest in any of the above, I still manage to spend way too much time on the computer and the internet. I can perfectly well amuse myself without those things but truth be told, I miss them if they aren’t available. Even my crafty stuff seems to need access to saved patterns, online information and design software. Technology has integrated itself into my life in a way I never would have believed possible. After all, when I was born the world was still black & white.

Speaking of black & white, one technological thing that has really decreased in my life is TV. I rarely watch it at all anymore. Occasional drama series, British mysteries, Doctor Who – and not much else. I don’t care for most of the current programming and we’ve even stopped paying much attention to the program schedule. For some reason they keep moving around and then cancelling anything I start to enjoy. When you go to bed at 9pm, you usually have to record everything you want to watch and it doesn’t always work the way you want. Very annoying. And it’s not like I could sit down anytime and just flip channels. So many channels; so much fluff and drivel. I’ve got better things to do. Such as write blog posts! And knit.

Speaking of which, Susan asked a while back if I will weave again. It seems like although I love the idea of weaving, the reality doesn’t grab my attention the way knitting does. At least at the moment. Perhaps it’s because I have to go up to the loom and can’t move it somewhere more comfortable. My studio is hot in the summer. Or because I have to wind a warp and thread the loom first before I can just weave and I haven’t made time for that yet. Besides, there are other things I’d also like to do that I haven’t done. That rag quilt I’ve been planning since last year. Or painting the bathroom and the front hall before winter. Never mind. Things get done when they get done. Or not.

Right now I have a deadline on the PP Pinafore. And I’m rather tired today so knitting is a good rest for me. I’ve been walking a lot this week and I have to go to another appointment this afternoon. Luckily it’s not too far. I’ll walk slowly because it’s going to be hot out there. I already picked the blueberries:

Blueberries Don’t they look yummy?


Sharon in Surrey said...

Try New Tricks on PBS or Knowledge on Monday nites I believe. It's a Brit series about 3 retired policemen - with quirks - who are hired by a female detective who's been shuffled off to the "Unsolved" crime department as punishment. It's hilarious. I watch mostly History, Discovery, CBC Newsworld, Public TV, Home & Garden & the Cooking channel myself. I agree there's too much crap on tv but apparently, someone is watching it!!!

Louisa said...

Thanks! We'll have to check that one out.