Monday, November 16, 2009

Don’t Throw Your Junk In My Backyard

My backyard’s full! Truthfully, there’s actually less out there now that we spent all Saturday raking leaves and bagging them up. That was the one day this weekend it didn’t rain, in the afternoon anyhow. The walnut leaves go in the city’s leaf pickup and the rest can go in the compost. 11 bags full so far! And we’re not quite done – all the leaves haven’t fallen yet.

After I unburied it from the leafy drifts, I harvested yet more produce from the veggie garden. Aren’t you impressed? It’s mid-November already! I got broccoli, lettuce, mizuna, mache (corn salad), green onions, parsley and a couple of leeks. Most of the veggies in Saturday’s supper were home-grown, including some little tomatoes that ripened in the kitchen. Yum!

I do have junk though. Mostly inside rather than outside. What is it with the cleaning bug I’ve gotten lately? It’s not spring! Not that I clean in spring or anything but you know, tradition and all. As I mentioned, I spent a goodly part of last week reorganising my bookshelves (5 down, 3 to go) but yesterday I made T-Man pull out everything from the front hall closet. He sorted a few of his things out to give to salvage and some for garbage. Of course I don’t do it for him because he’s in charge of his own stuff! The rest is up to me since I obviously have more stuff in there than he does. Then while I went off to knit with my buddies, he vacuumed out the dirt, sand (from Utah and Oregon, I bet!), assorted lint and spider droppings. Now it’s my turn: sort my junk…er, precious things and then wash out the closet with TSP. We’re eventually going to repaint the entry hall but since we don’t have any paint yet, everything is going to have to go back in for now. But not until it all gets a good wash, especially the woolies (hats, mitts, scarves etc.) so they’ll be ready for winter weather. Never mind – it’s cold enough for me already. Wet too.

Right now we’re in the middle of a Pineapple Express, the very wet and relatively warm winter storms that we get sometimes in winter. There are areas this morning where there’s no power and lots of flooding in low-lying areas near the rivers. Luckily we’re on a slight slope and near the centre of the city so rarely lose power. In the past we’ve had problems with the cold room under the front stairs filling up with water but not if the gutters are clean so the water doesn’t puddle on the ground but goes down the drains. T-Man mucked them out recently so we’re good. I’m happy I don’t need to go anywhere today anyway!

I’m a bit disappointed that I can’t photograph anything, both because it’s too dark and because of Secret Projects that will remain unbloggable for several more weeks. If I get a pic of T’s Movember moustache though, I’ll definitely share it! It’s quite amusing. He looks so 1970’s – except for the silver instead of black like he used to be back then. Is the end of the month coming soon, please? I’m praying he doesn’t decide he likes it and wants to keep it. Yikes.

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