Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Socks And Other Things

I finally have a Finished Object! I was beginning to think I never finish anything ever. Yes, I know that’s not true but I have to feel like I’m accomplishing something often.

Winter Hedgerow Socks


For: T-Man

Begun: January 31, 2010

Completed: March 19, 2010

Yarn: Lana Grossa Meilenweit Mega Boots Stretch Softcolor, 70% Pure New Wool, superwash, 23% Polyamide nylon, 7% Elité elastic, colour 502 (browns, greens), 100g = 400m.

Needles: Clover Takumi bamboo dpns, 2.25 mm.

Pattern: Hedgerow Socks by Jane Cochran, free download from Knitter’s Review.

Mods: I didn’t read the pattern that closely when I was working the heel flap so I just carried the rib as set down the flap (on 32 sts). Used a purl stitch on each end of the sole stitches to separate the ribs from the sole. Stopped rib 1/2” before toe decreases and decreased the 2 extra top of foot stitches. The rest of the toe is plain. Lengths: 8” before heel flap, 8.25” before toe decreases.

Comments: These socks took somewhat longer to do than I liked but got them finished eventually. The needle size is slightly larger than usual and the socks are on 66 sts total. T is very happy with these. He had them on already when I went to find him to photograph them!

Sock Count: 93 pairs.

Then I took some time yesterday and reassessed the Green Star Cardi. I liked the K2P2 rib fabric a lot and the little stars are cute and simple to knit but the garment shape was just not working out for me. Also I had changed needles midstream and the gauge was wonky. If it took since last July and spent more time languishing than being knitted on, then the writing was on the wall. I frogged it! Now I may just re-jig the numbers (a great use for my new Knitware Sweaters program) and start again on something resembling the original idea or I may make something else entirely. The yarn is a pretty “hand-dyed” superwash sock yarn and there’s lots of it! I’m determined it’s going to be a sweater eventually.

Now I’m somewhat concerned that I’ve lost a few readers in my blog redesign! I just got my reader stats for this week and they’re merely a fraction of my usual steady numbers. Did I break your RSS links or discombobulate your feed readers or something? The blog address hasn’t changed. Or is it a Blogger glitch? Perhaps I’m just boring you to death! Let me know if you encounter any problems, will you? My email addy is up in the top bar or in my profile if you need it. Assuming of course that you actually see this post in the first place!


Anonymous said...

I've been missing in action, Damselfy.... we've been in S. Africa for a few weeks then returned to make major repairs/renovations on our house in the interest of trying to sell it soon. So I haven't been checking in as often as usual.

Hope all your missing readers have good excuses like mine!

Barbara M.

Anonymous said...

You are my socky hero. Well, you and MrsQuimby really. :) You just keep knitting and creating beautiful socks. Inspiring really.

Unknown said...

I love your new layout Aunt Lousia! I find it easier to read :)

Heather said...

Beautiful socks. Don't worry, you haven't lost me.