Thursday, April 15, 2010


I couldn’t help myself. I started on the tights – or perhaps they’re leggings? Not quite sure what the difference is though I tend to think of leggings as thicker and warmer than tights which are in turn thicker and warmer than pantyhose. (Which latter item I never ever wear.) Anyhow I need a catchy name for these things! The pattern is the Zarina Leggings from Phoenix Bess which I bought awhile back. She has a couple of different pants patterns which seems to be an unusual item these days. The young and talented Phoenix is very fashion forward so maybe this is a new trend that hasn’t quite caught on with knitters yet. Maybe she needs warm legs in Ecuador? Or maybe they’re just afraid to tackle something so large with such small needles! Cowards. It’s only the equivalent of a long-sleeved sweater.

Here’s a great article on how to wear leggings. No, I don’t intend to wear them without a long layer on top! For me at least the whole point is warmth – not style. Since I have No Style to speak of anyway. Except my own. This image I tore out of a sales flyer is very me:


OK, a much younger, long-haired, thinner, and taller me! All I would change is Birkenstocks for the flipflops and different colours for the top and scarf. Something more earthy and hand-dyed perhaps. Anyhow, the first leg isn’t much longer than this yet:


Merely an embryo of what it will become. That curly bottom is a hem. Increasing is happening. I’m thinking of it as long footless socks. At least until I get up to the crotch. Pretty mindless actually. Unfortunately I only have one set of 2.75mm needles so it’s only going one leg at a time which is a bit different from my usual alternation technique. But I’m too cheap to go buy more needles when I rarely use this size. Anyway I’m off to a guild meeting tonight so this will be accompanying me. Hope I can count the rounds for the decreases in the dim lighting.

Meanwhile, I’m nearly at the neckline decreases and shoulders on the back of the Shamrock Cardi. That’s quite a bit farther along than this pic I took yesterday:


It’s kind of a cute little thing – bigger than a shrug but still quite dainty. That texture in the lace area will disappear in blocking leaving the shamrocks on the green background. I plan to carry the ribbed collar up around the back neck and graft the two parts in the middle. To that end I’ve put those stitches on a holder but bound off the shoulder stitches. I like a firm shoulder seam that doesn’t stretch out of shape. It’s coming along but it’s getting rather non-portable. Hence the leggings. Oh, I have a name for them now! Happy Legs. The yarn is Happy Feet. Get it? Works for me anyhow.

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